Celebrities with disabilities

The fact that from birth life has given you less than others does not make you useless and incompetent. Discover their talents and realize they can be, even with a "limited capacity".

An example of this - these 11 famous people.

1. Julia Samoilova

Celebrities with disabilities

The talented and courageous girl, who performed the amazing depth of the song "Flame Is Burning", suffers from a serious birth of a rare disease - amyotrophy Verdniga-Hoffmann.

Disease occurs after a failed children's vaccination against polio. Julia is now confined to a wheelchair.

For the first time her lucky star shone on the project "Factor A", and this year it was supposed to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite the political aspect, the girl did not lose heart and are ready to act next year. Moreover, it can not stand the mournful relationship. Julia says, "I have no injuries voice.

In fact, I just do not go. I do not look sorry. I am a nice and so on. "

2. Diana Gurtskaya

Celebrities with disabilities

Songs blind singer Diana Gurtskaya conquer the hearts of thousands since 2002, when she saw the light of its composition, "You know, Mom."

Diana Blind from birth, but the Gurtskaya people with disabilities themselves had never absented.

About scene I dreamed since childhood and in 17 years performed at the festival "Yalta - Moscow - Transit", where talented girl noticed Igor Nikolaev. Since then, her career took off, but what is especially nice, she did not sense her life.

In 2005, Diana married a politician and professor of municipal law Peter Kucherenko. The couple has a young son Kostya.

3. Daniel Pluzhnikov

Celebrities with disabilities

This boy from Sochi very difficult fate. From birth, Daniel suffers from a rare disease - spondiloepifizarnoy dysplasia of the upper and lower extremities. Speaking in Russian, is a congenital skeletal development, due to which Daniel is difficult to walk without crutches, and his height of 110 centimeters.

But this physical disability more than offset the enormous zest for life and energy, which were already visible at the audition. Fingers, where there is almost no seeds, barely drive on the keyboard synthesizer. But he does everything possible to act and live.

After his victory in Dima Bilan's team, the boy continued to write songs, go to school and be treated. And Danja - Volunteer Foundation "Save a life". His concerts, he collects money for disabled and sick people with cancer.

4. Viktoria Modesta

Celebrities with disabilities

It is called "Bionic star" for what she has done a kind of "chip" of physical disability. Victoria suffered due to negligence of doctors and had a birth trauma.

This injury has brought a lot of pain and health problems, until one moment Victoria itself is not persuaded doctors to amputate her leg.

When asked whether she feels like an invalid, Modest responds negatively. Who is it prosthesis only helps to work on stage image.

Victoria sings and attends photo shoots as an alternative model.

5. Nick Vujicic

Celebrities with disabilities

Name Nick Vuychich heard many. Someone probably even read his bestseller "Life without limits: Inspiration for a good life is absurd." It is surprising that this powerful book written by someone who does not have arms and legs.

The cause of this disease, a genetic disorder, which, however, did not stop Nick learn to walk, swim, write, and type on the computer.

he passed a difficult way from thinking about suicide to gratitude to God and life. Now, his life-affirming lecture save people in difficult circumstances around the world. And Nick found his love. Her name is Kanae Miyahara. The couple already have two sons, and two other kids Kanae is under the heart.

6. Stevie Wonder

Celebrities with disabilities

The name Stevie Wonder forever inscribed on the tablets of the world music history. He became blind at the doctors mistake. But this did not prevent him to learn to sing and play the piano.

At age 11, Steve signed his first recording contract with the studio of Motown, open to the world of Michael Jackson names Diana Ross, "The Supremes" group. He is now 67 years old, and his track record more than 30 albums. He earned as much as 25 awards "Grammy" (and that's not counting other musical wins).

7. Marlee Matlin

Celebrities with disabilities

Have you ever heard of a deaf actress? I think no. Then get to know - this Marlee Matlin. Marley received the "Golden Globe" and "Oscar" for best actress, becoming the first and only deaf actress to receive this prestigious award.

And one of the four lucky that "Oscar" in the nomination went for the debut role.

To date, her filmography includes about 50 works, including shooting from the most venerable directors. And yet it is a happy wife and mother raising four healthy children.

8. Peter Dinklage

Celebrities with disabilities

Peter certainly can not be called invalid. His dwarfism has actually become a lucky ticket in the life and career of the actor. Directors considered lucky to invite him for the lead role.

Stellar role Dinkleydzha can rightly be considered role Tyrion Lannister. By the way, small stature does not interfere with the success of Peter in women - it crazy charm.

9. Jamel Debbouze

Celebrities with disabilities

Disability came to the French actor suddenly: in 1990 he was in a railway accident and nearly lost his right hand. As a result, the limb atrophied. Known and popular actor, characteristically, Jamel has become after the accident, having played in the drama "Amelie" and "Angel-A" fairy tale "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra" and many other films.

10. Andrea Bocelli

Celebrities with disabilities

The famous Italian tenor grew ordinary little boy from a simple Italian village. His parents owned a vineyard. When Andrea was 12 years old, the boy hit the ball in the head.

Minor injuries cause serious complications of glaucoma, Bocelli and completely blind. But just then the guy decided to definitely become a singer.

Few people know, but Andrea graduated from the Faculty of Law, who has paid the fact that he sang in restaurants and kafeshantanah.

In the 90 post he heard Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti contributed to the promotion of talented young man.

11. RJ Mitte

Celebrities with disabilities

RJ Mitte - American film actor with cerebral palsy. Landmark in his career was the role of the disabled Walter White, Jr., from the series "Breaking Bad." Cause of the disease - a birth trauma.

But the tenacity of this guy can only envy: from childhood he started a daily reparative therapy, through which it can fully operate.

According to Jay Ar, there are no concessions on the part of producers. All honest.