Godson drug lord boasted wealth and surrendered

• Godson drug lord boasted wealth and surrendered

Luxury cars, the golden weapons, homemade tiger - account Damaso Lopez in instagrame filled with vulgar displays of his illegal activities. Godson El Chapo has shown its great treasures, before surrendering Drug Enforcement Administration in California, USA.

Godson drug lord boasted wealth and surrendered

Ally famous drug lord El Chapo fled from Mexico and surrendered to authorities after a brutal showdown for leadership within the cartel Sinaloa.

Before that, he put in a social network numerous photographs gilded weapons, expensive cars, money and drugs. Also present Damaso photos of exotic animals, which are expected, kept as pets.

Damaso allegedly wanted to head the notorious Sinaloa cartel, after El Chapo was arrested by United States authorities.

Imprisonment El Chapo has opened a power vacuum in northern Mexico, where rival factions fought for control over the territory. It is believed that Damaso Serrano Lopez, nicknamed Mini Lic headed a gang called Los Antrax. She allegedly fought against the group Chapitos. Rival gangster El Mayo Zambada, as they say, was very close to victory in this battle. It is believed that for this reason, Serrano fled.

Serrano was nicknamed Mini Lic in honor of his father Damaso Lopez Nunez, who was called Licenciado. He was the right hand of El Chapo and asked him to be godfather to his son. Apparently, Serrano followed his father's footsteps.

After Licenciado was arrested in Mexico City, his son had to take control of the city of Culiacan in the state of Sinaloa. But, apparently, the control of the cartel are now proceed to El Mayo.

Since El Chapo was extradited to the United States in the state of Sinaloa, the violence broke out. For four months was 492 murders compared to 330 killings during the same period last year.