How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies

What is coffee and what it eats? Just kidding! Close the jars immediately with coffee and put them in their place. Perhaps someone practicing eating coffee beans, but it is not about that. In this article we will talk about the varieties of coffee, its taste characteristics and try to make sure that you are not confused, despite the interesting name of this fragrant drink, and did not know what to choose.

To begin, I would like to say that coffee is mainly made from two varieties of coffee beans.

  • Arabica

Arabica is considered the oldest of all known types of coffee. There are more than fifty varieties of these grains that almost eighty percent of the part of the world consumption.

  • Robusta

Grain Robusta contains much more caffeine than arabica.

These two types of coffee beans make up the so-called basis of our favorite beverage. And arabica and robusta has a mass different varieties, which is obtained by mixing the surprising odor and taste of the original.

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies


Crib of the world coffee

Now let's look at a few hot and fragrant drink you can see in almost any coffee shop. And he starts our list, a drink that each of us drink every day.

  • Espresso

This type of coffee, perhaps the most popular in Europe, which is cooked in a coffee machine. Make espresso in several stages: first pass water through the high pressure filter, and then add the coffee, and all of this consistency is adjusted to a certain boiling point. Espresso is the basis of many other types of coffee.

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies
  • Ristretto

Those who want to drink in the morning something stronger may well just order a ristretto. In fact it is the same espresso, but a double with a much smaller volume of water. Because of this, this invigorating drink may seem slightly bitter.

  • Cappuccino

Cappuccino - espresso is the same, but with milk that is whipped into a fluffy foam. This hot drink, mainly to drink without any sugar addition. The sweetness gives the milk, which is a natural sweetener itself.

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies
  • iced

This kind of coffee is perfect for a sweet tooth, because a hot drink will be served to you along with a scoop of ice cream.

  • Viennese Coffee

This kind of coffee is also done on the basis of espresso, which is added to a large amount of the cream. Top cream sprinkled with various additives, such as chocolate, cinnamon, lemon chips and so on. Viennese coffee obliged to bring to the table in a medium or large cups. It is not necessary to immediately stir, because then he might lose his interesting taste.

  • Korreto

This kind of coffee is perfect after hours. The hot espresso decided to add one tablespoon of distilled spirits, it is often the case of whiskey, brandy, dark rum, gin or vodka. Basically, this drink, enjoy great demand in the cold season. Additives serves cane

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies
  • Irish

represents Irish hot espresso with strong alcohol and cream, which are whipped into a foam. This drink can be drunk as a full cocktail that will be served to you in high glasses. If we take as a basis for the classic cocktail recipe, then the sugar is added to it. But there are a certain number of recipes that use a variety of toppings.

How to choose a coffee maker. Guide for Dummies
  • Mocha

More can be found such as the naming mokochchino. The basis of this drink is taken espresso, to which is added the hot milk and syrup. In cafeterias it can serve as a dessert cocktail and one "face". Mokkochino decoration is a high "cap" of whipped cream and grated chocolate chips.

This is not all varieties of coffee drinks. Moreover, certain of them, you can make at home easily while adding a couple of ingredients by themselves.

For example, in the sweltering weather, espresso, you can add ice cubes and mint, and in the cold, you can make a "layer cake" with the addition of espresso milk chocolate and whipped cream.