Nonexciting things that excite men

• nonexciting things that excite men

Nonexciting things that excite men

In addition to the delicious priests and elastic breast guys often "give birth" absolutely not sexy, at first glance, the details in the appearance or behavior of girls. 10 guys talked about these things: be honest, we were very surprised!

So, as it turned out, the guys turn-ons:

Girls who write "reminder" on his arm

"I can not explain why these crosses on hand so act on me! It's just a hell of a nice and touching! "- Maksim, 27 years old.

Girls who ignore their

"I used to watch his girlfriend when she busy with something and not paying attention to me. It is at such moments, I want her hardest! "- Dima, 31 years old.

White socks

"Do not consider me a pervert, but I melt at the sight of girls in short white socks, drew ankle. It is soooo sexy! "- Andrew, 28 years old.

When she yawns and stretches,

"I love it when my girlfriend arches his back arch as a cat. It gets so! "- Sasha, 26 years old.

When she says their name

"There is nothing sexier than hearing his name from her lips during sex!" - Sergei, 31 years old.

Girls are smarter than their own

"It is as if all the time challenges me - I can not stand against it!" - Vlad, 32 years old.


"I do not know how to explain it, but in the slender, curvaceous girls and stretch marks on the skin excite me. I perceive them as labels for kisses "- Artem, 35 years old.