Rules of Life photographer Peter Lindbergh

• Rules of Life photographer Peter Lindbergh

Rules of Life photographer Peter Lindbergh

The cosmetic companies all brainwashed. I do not retouch their portraits, as they say, "Oh, but it is after all so tired." Well, so what? Tired and beautiful.

Retouching forgivable except in advertising creams, when the model is corrected face. But still it is a big mistake. When you want to sell Volkswagen, in the advertisement in the magazine does not put Bentley. Because when you buy this car, you will be sent Volkswagen.

Duisburg - Germany is a ass, a small industrial town. My family lived there, and it was great. We did not have anything, so we had nothing to lose.

For 18 years I have never been on display, I do not read books and listen to classical music. I was like a towel that squeezed dry.

I do not think that Instagram is somehow influenced the classical picture. I like it a lot of shots.

I've never been inspired by women who wear handbags made from crocodile skin.

We will certainly try to fix everything we do - in the photo or video. It just frustrates me.

everyone becomes happy with the push of a button. But the press of a button does not have a picture.

People make a frame-by-frame, because they know - they have photoshop. Any woman in the photograph will now be perfect. I think it's terrible. Always loved small Nicon camera. They may fall onto the floor five times, and nothing will happen.

I talked a lot that Sotstsani Frank (editor in chief of Vogue Italy, died in December 2016 -. Esquire) has been in my life longer than other women. Sometimes people ask me in response: "And your wife is still talking to you?"

Retouching - it is poison for young girls. No, it is poison for everyone.

When I'm done shooting for the latest calendar of Pirelli, I said: "Oh, how safely - remove actresses aged without retouching." What do you mean? I'm just like all these women, I do not care about their age.

Nicole Kidman can do anything, if it be asked, - weigh naked, jumping over the fire. But the front of the camera she's terribly shy.

I never understood the word "celebrity". I brush my teeth, as well as every person on the planet. When I arrive at the airport with his assistant, he was getting on the bus and send me "Mercedes". But I would also like to go home on the bus.

I'm looking for inspiration in the street - like a little dog.

Most important of all was silence. The photographer does not need anyone - just him and his object. Unable to work, when a bunch of people running around from side to side during shooting and any cleaning lady say: "How can you shoot? Put the light on the other side! "This is the end of the photos. I was shooting at Emma Watson last week. And one girl, fashion director, sheds her ridiculous bunch of different clothes. Watson began to take off with all that she did not like, but she ran to her and was outraged: "It is my firm style!" I was amazed. After we shoot Emma Watson, not fashion director.

I like to use filters in Instagram. I especially like the one yellow - he takes pictures softer and warmer.

I am often asked: "How are you persuading the women to withdraw? It's incredible! "I know most of them for twenty years, this is my family.

I do not see a lot of beauty around. I see a lot of fakes.

Women can not be happy until they have to do makeup, hair style and do engage in make-up again. Their beauty - rather object to the consumer society. I think we should go back if we want to change anything.

I know the difference between dreams and nightmares.