Rules Russian singer Love Assumption Life

• Rules Russian singer Love Assumption Life

Rules Russian singer Love Assumption Life

I'm actually not a Muscovite. And not even the Russian woman.

My uncle told my father: "Stop it fun. You will cripple girl. Her singing is not necessary. Let learns from the Secretary. " my grandfather mother went to war, and before the war was the director of the factory of folk instruments. He died, and the grandmother in memory of him I decided to fight back. My brothers were - they learned to play the clarinet. Cousin - the violin. And I - the accordion. Bayan - it was a mockery.

I was leaving the country (Assumption emigrated to the US in 1978 -. Esquire), where there was at least some freedom of expression. I could say and do there that I like. I was looking for freedom. I was hard here. I realized that here fool the people. I have all this irritated: Party, Lenin, Stalin.

I laughed when I read that Cindy Crawford is dissatisfied with their appearance, sees all its flaws, does not like himself and said ugly. Well, it is something Cindy Crawford, and everyone can see how beautiful she was. But I just do not.

I did not expect that I ever put in a US prison. The police stopped me for drunkenness. This is me with joy after visiting the doctor decided to have a drink. And sat behind the wheel. And it plays music. And riding at speed. Here to me it should have been?

I was forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. There all hands were held. That's horrible. I had to say, "I Luba Assumption, I'am an alcoholic".

I'm not a racist. I just have not evolved with black ever.

Zvyagintsev called my director when filming "Leviathan". There, at the end of the film, when the mayor comes into the restaurant, I sing: "Golden tavern, a life is lost! Do not swear, mom, I'm a whore. " It's a pity we "Oscar" if not given.

It seems to me, I talk a lot.

I can not write music or poetry. I had one song, but I never betrayed her own. He sang and sang. In my opinion that is not mine.

A friend sent my song 50 Sent. And he says, I want to sing with her, that for this to be done? I was so scared! I think, well, what? On the "Chanson Year" Did he come?

I like the humor of Woody Allen. Now he is no longer a clear mind, of course. But all that he has done in the past - it's brilliant. I each film its forward with hope. When a song is playing, I sang thirty years ago, I heard a clear, ringing voice, high notes. Now I do not take these notes. But now I'm not very proud of the performance. Today my voice - wise, and notes - confident. They more passion, more feeling.

I love good jazz.

I can include the song in the whole house, and to listen to it a week.

When I spoke at the school: "I am a Jew" - all in the class giggled. I felt as anti-Semitism flourishes in Ukraine. It was impunity.

In Russia I was called immediately to sing in the "Olympic". There was held a kickboxing tournament. The men beat each other face, and I sang them.

All of our lives - criminal. And our entire world, and all our surroundings. When I say he is a thief, and the thief, I say that we are all thieves. And the state with us - not a thief? they are only in the law.

Once I wanted to survive the earthquake, to fly into space and down into the mine.

Miley Cyrus - very good girl.