Why children are very useful lessons in the pool

• Why do children very useful lessons in the pool

The pool has a child is a wonderful opportunity to fully enjoy the amazing properties of water. He can swim, dive, fun, let the spray, to play with the ball. This is not only a lot of fun!

The child learns world and learns to communicate with him. And this is only a small part of the benefit, which gives access to the pool.

Why children are very useful lessons in the pool

Swimming has a positive effect not only on the psycho-emotional development of the child, but also on the overall health of the organism.

Classes swimming improves movement coordination, tolerance to stress, form a correct posture and prevent flat.

Swimming reduces the increased excitability, normalize muscle tone, as well as being a very important component of the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

During the lessons in the pool well trained respiratory system, increases lung capacity and more oxygen is supplied to all cells of the body.

Why children are very useful lessons in the pool

During the voyage the baby spends a lot of energy, and after training, he improved his mood, he gladly eats, sleeps better.

Classes in the pool - an excellent method of hardening and strengthening immunity. Typically, the water temperature in the pool for the youngest about 34, for older kids + 30-32 degrees. In the locker room is typically 23-25 ​​+.

These temperature fluctuations train the body to adapt to extreme conditions and contribute to hardening! Kids who are engaged in swimming much less likely to get sick of their peers who did not visit the pool.

Why children are very useful lessons in the pool

Even if the baby got sick after a workout, it's not a reason to stop the occupation! baby body quickly adapts and becomes stronger.

At what age can engage with the child in the pool?

Start to swim pediatricians recommend that after 2 months. By that time heals umbilical wound, and the baby is ready to communicate with other people and the children.

Be sure to consult with your pediatrician before the first visit to the swimming pool.

In order to successfully pass a class, you should remember these simple rules:

  • To feed the child should be at least an hour before your workout. In the water you need to feel at ease.
  • The skin should be completely clean. Do not lubricate it with cream before the workout. After class - please!
  • The kid should enjoy the sessions. If today he is no mood, he cries in the water, it is better not to insist. Work out at other times, but in a good mood. It is important not to create negative emotions.

More and more parents are engaged in swimming in the pool with their very young babies. This is a great lesson for all. Swimming promotes healthy and harmonious development of the baby!