10 simple lessons is to learn as early as possible

• 10 simple lessons is to learn as early as

can be

How often in life we ​​step on the same rake, because we do not want (or can not) to learn a very simple but immutable truth. For example:

10 simple lessons is to learn as early as possible

The more we worry about the opinion of others about us, the less other people think about us.

The biggest mistake - it is the fear of making a mistake.

Most people will never be able to realize his dream. And most of those who did it, it is unhappy.

Perception of people is much more important than reality. That it makes us guilty, and not facts.

You - the person who has chosen to be. And if you do not like your reflection in the mirror, it is entirely your fault. You are more likely to commit suicide from the unrequited love than to die in a terrorist attack.

Often we appreciate dealing with people who in a penny do not put us take for granted, and fellowship with those for whom we really mean a lot.

The first part of his life people dream to be over, so that later, since at some point before the end of his life dream to become younger.

A lot of people do not become happy just because they themselves do not permit.

The day will come when you will no longer be possible to call a loved one - do it now.

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