Rules of Life Twiggy

• Rules of Life Twiggy

Rules of Life Twiggy

You can not be a clothes hanger for his entire life.

At 16, I was ridiculous skinny girl - legs, eyelashes, and nothing more. Suddenly everything began to say that I is gorgeous. I remember thinking: Well, all the people crazy.

The sixties were a time when ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

In the late sixties there was such a popular car sticker: "Down with Oxfam (an international humanitarian network - Esquire.), Feed Twiggy". And this despite the fact that I always guzzled like a horse.

When my father died at 82, he weighed exactly the same as in 20. I'm all in.

I loved and adored his father. He was a simple worker from Bolton, and from him I inherited an important feature - ordinariness.

My mother worked as a saleswoman in "Woolworth", and his father was a carpenter. When I became a model, they are long and really do not understand, I got into a kind of world.

What I had at the beginning of your career? Skinny schoolgirl shove napkins 32A bra size.

In 16 years, you do not feel young. On the contrary, you feel like a very adult. But I realized it only after my own daughter turned 16.

When I was 15 years old, someone came up to me at a party and offered cider. I thought it was apple juice, and drink it without thinking. That night I was drunk - the first and last time in his life. I can not live without tea. When I was invited to the jury, "America's Next Top Model" (a popular reality show coming out in 2003 -. Esquire), the organizers had to find me a hotel where the room was a small kitchen, because nobody in America knows how to brew tea .

The older you get, the less you have to do, wear or say what you do not want. Only closer to forty I stopped worrying what people think about me.

Old age does not mean that you should throw your style and burrow into the warm slippers and flannel trousers.

Being young can be in 70. I met Fred Astaire (a famous American actor and dancer -. Esquire), when he was 72, and I had just turned 21. And I immediately fell in love with him.

I do not want to know what will happen tomorrow. I do not want to know what is waiting around the corner. Uncertainty - the best there is in life.

Life - it is a choice. You can spend three pounds at a fashion magazine, but you can donate them to the clearance of landmines three square meters of land.

Council? Be yourself and do not be afraid. If you do not know something, do not hesitate to talk about it.

Once I had a thing, and then I went back themselves to themselves.

I'm sure every day to sing. Although, if only because it makes you breathe more deeply. I have an iPod, but really I love CDs. In them there is something subtly beautiful: a mixture of old and new - something that will never be. And I love my old sewing machine. I always said to my husband, if I upekut in prison, in the first transfer fetch me a sewing machine, and as much tissue as possible.

If I need to get over it, I imagine nakuplyu tissue, lock myself in the room, and then go out from there with a new sheet, or new curtains.

There is no need to dress the same as worn by someone.

I like multi-layered clothing. In the winter I like to put on top of the old lace shirt grandfather cardigan, vest, skirt and bulky boots. I generally like men's clothes. Male 36th it suited me just perfectly.

It is foolish to ask if I like the 16-year-old Twiggy on the cover of Vogue. I can only say that for me there are very funny legs.

Dinner without wine - is blasphemy. It's the only thing I know for sure.

Take your time to make plans. "Later" it becomes all too often in "never".