"I will take you away to the tundra": how Nanai boy Cola Beldy became "the golden voice of the North" and made popular jokes about the Chukchi

• "I will take you away to the tundra": how Nanai boy Cola Beldy became "the golden voice of the North" and made popular jokes about the Chukchi

"Chukchi in the tent waiting for the dawn, but the dawn will come summer," - these words were known even to those who do not know the name of the singer Cola Beldy. At the concerts in the pauses between songs, he told jokes about the Chukchi, his performances have conquered the French, who called this artist "the golden voice of the North". His song "I will take you away to the tundra" has broken all records of popularity, not only in the USSR, but also abroad.

Beldy Cola in 1945 after demobilization

Cola was born in 1929 in the village of Nanai fly in the Khabarovsk Territory. Surname Beldy wore all the inhabitants of this village. He lost his parents early and was in a boarding school, where escaped to the front in 14 years, attributing itself extra two years, and became a cabin boy of the Pacific Fleet. Even in the army colleagues drew attention to the extraordinary voice of a cabin boy. He first sang in the naval initiative, and then - in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Pacific Fleet. During the Russo-Japanese War Beldy Cola participated in the operation to liberate Korea and was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree. After demobilization Cola entered the Saratov Conservatory, and in parallel with the study worked in machine-tool plant.

The Golden Voice of the North

Cola Beldy

After graduating from the conservatory Cola Beldy worked in several philharmonic societies, but its popularity did not go beyond the regional level. All-Union fame came to him in 1957, after his speech at the World Youth and Student Festival in Moscow. Then on the singer drew the attention of the Minister of Culture Furtseva. In 1960 Beldy Cola won the All-Russian competition of performers. Shamanic songs in jazz style in his performance to the audience hypnotically acted.

group leader "CHajf" V. Shahrin told how once in his youth, joke with your friends going to a concert Cola Beldy and was impressed by the professionalism of the singer: "We were still very young, bitter and reckless punk personalities dressed in unimaginable at the time the clothes. We somehow became a lot of fun at the idea that we - in rivets, belts, torn jeans and monstrous boots - priprus this variety show. On stage the musicians with the tools that are going to play live sound - two-meter long-haired men in leather and furs, with a fantastic light at the time, with some ethnic logs on chains. And they begin to play quite complex ethnic music to jazz based. We suddenly realize that they megakruty. Closer to the second or third number appeared on the scene itself Beldy Cola and began to sing songs of northern shamanic nature. From simply pressed into the seat. In between songs, he began to tell anecdotes about the Chukchi. He broke to see how we respond to all of its phrases and cues. In the end, we, the six-punks informal standing ovation arranged Beldy. Since then, the person on the cover was very important to me. "

Cola Beldy with family

The well-known singer in the Soviet Union, which took place at the peak of glory 1970.

Cola Beldy