Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

This Eastern European country is well known for its long coastline and tiny islands. But most do not know about the amazing and strange places and sights that can be seen across the country. About the most unusual of them, we will tell you today!

10. The Island of Vis (VIS Island), Vis

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

This unusual and amazing island full of abandoned military fortifications and secret tunnels. Oh yes! There is a gift shop!

The most distant from the mainland island in the Adriatic Sea for several centuries has been inhabited by human beings, but in the middle of the XX century it was turned into a strategically important facility. On the island a secret naval base was built, after which it was denied entry to foreigners.

After the military use of the island of Vis has ceased, many of the remaining structures were converted for civilian use, while others are simply left in ruins.

Today the island of Vis is a quiet place, which, however, brings a good income from tourists wishing to see the abandoned installation times of "cold war".

9. Treasury of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

In the stunning Cathedral of the Diocese of Dubrovnik is more than 200 ornate gold and silver artifacts of religious art.

The treasury of the cathedral, protected by a glass case visitors like souvenir cabinet kept sacred body parts. Beautiful gold-plated rack has been specially built for the relics of all shapes and sizes. Among the relics that are worth a special mention, gilded arm, leg and skull of St. Saint Blaise, what, say, Jesus was diapers and a piece of the Cross.

8. Ston walls of Ston (Ston)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

They say it's one of the longest fortress system in Europe. Its length is 5 kilometers.

For hundreds of years, Croatia has faced hordes, who were trying to invade their land. In the XIX century, they fought desperately with the Ottoman Empire from the south, and now they are faced with an equally intense influx of hordes of tourists from northern and western Europe.

The Stone these two forces historical and economic, met in the middle. Stacks of Croatia for the calm blue-green waters of the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful coastal cliffs, tourists can still appreciate the greatness of the fortified walls, defending the city from the Ottomans for 500 years.

7. Castle Trakoscan (Trakošćan Castle), Krapina (Krapina)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

Unfortunately, this lock is not as majestic as before, but it still looks impressive.

Situated on top of a high hill in the northern part of Croatia, Trakošćan is like a fairy tale castle, proudly exhibit their sharp spiers above the treetops.

Built in the XIII century, today Trakoshchansky castle open to the public as a museum, and an artificial lake created at the foot of the hill on which it is located, makes the view from the castle is even more exciting.

6. The wreck of the German vessel in Jablanac (Jablanac)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

An hour's walk from the town Jablanac in the crystal clear waters of the bay Zavratnitsa (Zavratnica), at a depth of several meters found its final resting German ship during the Second World War.

Impressive wreckage of the German vessel in the clear water, making it an ideal place for diving.

5. The Revolution Monument in Moslavina, Podgarich (Podgarić)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

This magnificent monument seems more fantastic than as a monument dedicated to the struggle of the local population for their independence during the Second World War.

An impressive sculpture, authored by Dušan Džamonja, was erected in 1967.

4. divorces Museum, Zagreb (Zagreb)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

full story of unrequited love and unusual things, this museum has more memories than a Facebook page for 5 years.

Museum dedicated to sever the relationship, is the result of a personal drama of two Zagreb artists who have decided to be stored in one place the evidence of his lost love and the once happy relationship. Over time, they began to fill up a collection of other couples who have experienced separation, and since then it is constantly expanding.

In addition to the predictable teddy bears and letters, the collection also includes a number of moving and sometimes disturbing surprises: a tiny bottle filled with women's tears, an ax, a stun gun, and perhaps the strangest exhibit - a prosthetic leg.

3. "Sea Organ" in Zadar (Zadar)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

This amazing music system which is better heard than seen, is the work of architect Nikola Bašić (Nikola Bašić).

"Sea Organ", which appeared in the city of Zadar in 2005, consists of 35 menzurirovannyh the manner of organ pipes, waves and wind. Also, you can see it in the list of the most unusual and bizarre musical instruments.

2. Plitvice lakes (Plitvička Jezera)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

Flowing through the limestone rock for thousands of years, the water of the river formed a Koran natural travertine dams, with the result that there were these picturesque lakes, waterfalls and caves.

Amazing karst terrain, consisting of 16 delightful lakes, every year attracts large number of tourists and of landscape photographers.

1. "Blue Grotto", Bisevo Island (Bisevo)

Strange and unusual sights in Croatia

Located near the city of Komiza (Komiža), "Blue Grotto" got its name because of its unusual optical effect produced by the refraction of light in water, resulting in the whole cave filled with blue light.

Stunning effect, which occurs on a sunny day in calm water, lasts about three hours and attracts their uniqueness and beauty of the tens of thousands of tourists every year.