Honeymoon. 10 popular places

For newlyweds honeymoon occupies the most important place. Everybody wants to make this holiday unforgettable, so carefully think through it. And although the honeymoon is traditionally called a month after the wedding, in the modern world it is understood by this is a romantic honeymoon journey. But where to go, to travel has become a truly unique romantic adventure for two?

Honeymoon on the islands. Island Resort - a perfect place for honeymoon. They can give you an unforgettable idyllic, tropical beauty, unique views, pristine beaches and a true luxury vacation.

Honeymoon trip to Europe. Old Europe - this is the place where you can wander through the quiet medieval streets, enjoy each other in a cozy restaurant and touch history.

Honeymoon in Asia. Another exotic and least romantic place for a honeymoon are Asian countries that will delight travelers not only a wonderful vacation, but it is much more affordable prices.

Everyone has their own understanding of the rest. Where you find the most popular destinations for honeymoon: exotic, luxury, tropical, adventure ...

1. Bora Bora

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

If the goal of giving honeymoon Charming and enchantment, this is the best place. Crystal clear sea and sand, reminiscent of powdered sugar, the stars and the moon, the quiet nights ... Bora-Bora Pearl Resort the best option for honeymooners.

2. Mauritius

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

For the thirsty exotic Mauritius - the best address. Mauritius ranks second in popularity with newlyweds all over the world. On the island there is peace and quiet, which you can enjoy sipping cocktails by the sea blue color. Mauritius will allow for better days alone.

3. Barbados

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

One of the Caribbean islands, where there is an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. In Barbados, there are a lot of fun. One of the most popular among honeymooners is the photo shoot. Get pictures on the background color of the sea of ​​turquoise and white sandy beaches, it is the main purpose of honeymooners vacationing in Barbados.

The night, decorated with tropical rhythms, pink sunrises leave a lasting impression.

4. Maldives

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

In many countries newlyweds Maldives became the most popular destination. Envelop the island of love, the beauty of the beaches and impressive hotels offer every opportunity for a honeymoon without a hassle. Almost every detail in the Maldives enriches love couples.

The airport is 100 km away from the islands.

5. Aruba

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

One of the paradises on earth. Aruba all organized for lovers. As soon as the couple set foot on the land of Aruba, they will be met with cold glasses of champagne, and then begin an unforgettable vacation. Couples who spent their honeymoon in Aruba, given as a gift a free stay for one night at their next visit. Here, everything is aimed to ensure that the honeymoon was never forgotten.

6. France

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

One of the most popular countries for a honeymoon. Eager new landscapes, France impress its picturesque slopes, cathedrals, castles, and beaches. This country is ideal for couples planning a honeymoon camping. What could be better than waking up next to the outdoor favorite?

7. Thailand

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

Before you go to Thailand, it is necessary to explore the culture and customs. It is best to dress as the locals do. Newlyweds will certainly need to visit a sexual full moon party. The atmosphere in Thailand is pushing on a fiery night with her beloved.

8. Singapore

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

The exotic flavors of the Far East cuisine, botanical gardens and many different adventures will give Singapore the newlyweds. Rest is best to plan your travel agent. So it will be cheaper, and safer.

9. Seychelles

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

For a honeymoon in Seychelles tropics - the best place. For diving enthusiasts there are excellent places with coral and rich marine life, as Seychelles is an island cluster in the middle of the ocean.

10. Italy

Honeymoon. 10 popular places

Many people say that Italy smells of love. That is why many couples prefer Italy. In this country, a lot of hidden romantic, poetic and artistic details. If the choice of the floor to Italy, then be sure to take a stroll in gondola through Venice, to visit Florence and Lake Como. Honeymoon in Italy, will impress the wonderful harmony of wines, Italian cuisine and a mystical atmosphere.

Going on a honeymoon is required to prepare a pleasant surprise for a loved one.