Simple and brilliant wisdom of 80-year-old man

Simple and brilliant wisdom of 80-year-old man

from time to time, my eye catches a list of life lessons "from the 80-year-old man." This article is widespread on the internet, you may also see it in social networks.

I recently re-read them, and could not help but notice one thing in common: how these principles relate to our ability to experience emotions and manage them.

Since I'm a fan of practical and easy to remember the principles, I have decided to share with you my favorite rules, as well as some of my thoughts.

Your handshake should be firm.

Nothing can outshine a good first impression.

Look people in the eye.

Develop self-confidence and create confidence in you from others.

Sing in the shower.

Change your mood, inspires positive.

Buy cool stereo.

Music has a profound effect on our emotions.

Keep secrets.

Otherwise, you will quickly lose the confidence of others.

Do anybody does not disappoint.

Miracles happen every day.

Always take your outstretched arm.

There is safety in numbers.

Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend.

No one will notice the difference.


For the same reason as in the board number 3.

Avoid sarcastic remarks.

Caustic joke may amuse you, but also take away your friends, too, can.

carefully choose those with whom you'll go through life.

From this decision, 90% will depend on your happiness or misery.

Make it a rule to do good for people, who will never know that you did it.

It will bring you happiness.

to borrow only those books that can not wait back.

Protect yourself from disappointment.

Do not deprive anyone of hope.

Perhaps this is all that a person has left.

Playing with children, let them win.

Maybe not always, but let them feel the joy of triumph.

Be romantic.

Because love moves the world.

Become the most positive enthusiast of everyone you know.

This will bring great dividends.


Except in rare issues of life and death, it's not as important as it seems at first glance.

Do not let the phone to interfere with important moments.

He is there for your convenience, not for those calls.

Be able to play.

Otherwise, everyone will hate you.

Be able to win.

Otherwise, everyone will hate you.

Think twice before burdening other secrets.

Especially if you want the secret of the secret remained.

When someone hugs you, let him first loosen the embrace.

Of course, if you embrace these pleasant.

Be modest.

Much has been made before you were born.

Keep it simple.

I think no need to explain.

Beware of people who have nothing to lose.

And always help if you can.

Do not burn bridges.

You'd be surprised how many times you have to go the same river.

Live life so that there was nothing to regret.

Easier said than done. But try.

Be bold.

Looking back, you'll be more sorry about what you do not do than what did.

Do not miss the opportunity to say that I enjoy.

For the same reason as in the board number 16.

No one can not cope alone. Have a grateful heart and be grateful to those who helped you.

For the same reason as in the board number 7.

Take responsibility for your attitude.

Do not let someone else choose it for you.

was visiting friends and family when they are in the hospital, even if you can only run in for a minute.

This you will not regret.

Start the day with your favorite music.

For the same reason as in the board number 4.

From time to time walk through the scenic.

Traveling always brings more joy than to arrive at your destination.

Answer the call with enthusiasm and energy in his voice.

For the same reason as in the board number 17.

Keep a notebook and pen on the bedside table.

The best ideas can visit you and 3am.

Respect any job, no matter how trivial.

Because the person doing the work, not the other way around.

Give your favorite flowers for no reason.

For the same reason as in the board number 16.

Be somebody's hero.

Everyone needs a hero.

marry only for love.

This is the only way to survive among the everyday ups and downs.

Remember your luck.

It will make you happier.

Praise food when you dine at a party.

It also will make you happier.

mashite children on the school bus.

It will remind you that the children - our future, and give them to understand that you know it.

Remember that success in any work on 80% depends on your ability to communicate with people.

If you have not yet learned, start now.

Do not expect life to be fair.

But, no matter what happens, never give up hope.