Englishman earns, complaining all around

• The Englishman makes complaining about everything around

Sly British figured out how you can earn a good supplement to the basic income. He just complains about everything that does not suit him, and receives a compensation. Complaints bring him thousands of dollars.

Englishman earns, complaining all around Englishman earns, complaining all around

39-year-old Chris Owen from Buckinghamshire County earns about $ 1,300 a year, complaining of everything from poor service and ending with a meal. It started three years ago with complaints about the delivery of the marble table for almost $ 900. Three times he was taken with injuries, and on the fourth time worktop absent altogether.

"I spent four Saturday, waiting for delivery of the table. And every time it has been dropped in transit. I knew that I have a right to complain. "

In response to a complaint Chris received compensation for inconvenience in the amount of $ 270 - almost a third of the price table.

Englishman earns, complaining all around

"I'm not looking specifically for something to complain about. But if I see that something is wrong, I will seek compensation. "

Now, Chris gets a year for about $ 1,300. The amount of his "earnings" varies depending on how much time he devotes to the complaint and how the company is generous. For example, in 2015, Chris received about $ 860 in the form of compensation, free refreshments and vouchers. The following year, revenue doubled. Chris main income comes from bad food and service. For example, very often it turns out to "earn" on the mayonnaise.

"I hate mayonnaise. So I always ask in sandwiches or burgers was not added. But the waiters constantly make mistakes, which means that you need to send a sandwich in the kitchen and wait for a new one. So when it comes time to pay the bill, you can easily ask for a discount or even delete the dish from the bill because of the discomfort and waiting. "

Englishman earns, complaining all around

Once a popular pizza chain has invited Chris and his three friends to a free dinner once during his first visit to the restaurant, they had a half hour wait for them to bring a jug of water.

"We ate for $ 270 in a place where it is difficult to spend $ 30."

Also, about $ 50 a year, Chris gets complaining about the hygiene in our stores. And once the workers have damaged the kitchen Chris junction box, which is installed a few weeks earlier. $ 100 for the installation of the box quickly recouped. But Owen went on, wrote a complaint to the company, and he quickly pay another 650 dollars.

Chris says that you need to stand your ground and say, if something is not pleasant.

"To complain - it's okay if you do it politely."