Interesting facts about hair

You think you know everything about your hair? Well, let's check.

Interesting facts about hair


On average, women spend about 2 hours a week caring for their hair. This means that in 65 years every woman spends more than 7 months on this activity. And if you give the hair more time every day, the figure could approach 1 year!


Your natural hair color determines how much hair you have on your head. It turns out that blondes are more likely, while red - the least.


Hair is very flexible and very strong. They are stronger than copper wire of the same diameter.

Facial hair

Facial hair grows faster than any other part of the body. On average, men spend on shaving about 5 months of life.

Hair loss

People, on average, lose 50-100 hairs every day. Many, you say, but compared to what we have 100,000 - 150,000 hairs on your head, it's pretty small.

Body hair

Hair cover about 95% of the body. So, people are quite hairy.


Sex of the person can not be identified by the hair. And the anticipation of sex makes the hair grow faster.


Probably, you too have heard that hair cut - it is a sure way to stimulate their growth. The fact that this is not true. But the more often you mow your hair, the less likely that you will have to deal with split ends. This, in turn, can help your hair be healthier and grow better.

Even the growth of

Hair - the fastest growing tissue of the human body after the bone marrow.


If you want to grow my hair, please be patient. To grow my hair down to his shoulders, it would take about 3 years. If you want to grow hair below the shoulder blades, you'll need a 7+ years.

influence factors

Many factors influence the growth of hair. hair grow faster in the summer, during sleep they are also growing rapidly, age also plays a role. If you are between 16 and 24 years old, your hair grow faster than ever.


With age, the body undergoes significant changes, it is not surprising that the hair is also subject to these changes. The older a person is, the land his hair.


If you have dry hair and dry scalp, you know, how can annoy dander. Do not let it annoy you too much, because stress does not relieve you of dandruff, and vice versa, will further contribute to its occurrence.

Hair protect us, make us fashionable and attractive. Thank you for your hair, we are indebted to you invaluable!