In Sweden opened electrified road

electrified road opened in Sweden

In Sweden opened electrified road

In the road segment length of about two kilometers, which is located near Stockholm - about Arlanda airport, is integrated contact rail. Electric current collector must be provided, which can be removed from the rail after the passage of the electrified portion. Road works while in test mode, but the government plans to electrify the roads to become completely independent of the fuel in 2030.

road electrification technology, which connects the airport with Stockholm logistics center outside the capital, should solve the problem of charging electric vehicles and batteries to make production more accessible.

World's first electrified public road opens in Sweden

- Göteborg Nu (@GbgNu) April 13, 2018

Electricity transmitted on two rails through underground collector attached to the bottom of the electric vehicle. Road segment is divided into 50 meter sections, each of which charges the vehicle when it passes directly over it.

In Sweden opened electrified road

On the surface of the road is no electricity fabric. Two rails are located at a depth of 5-6 centimeters. And if you flood the road with salt water, the voltage drops to 1 volt. So you can at least walk barefoot.

In Sweden opened electrified road

When the machine stops, the current is switched off. Moreover, the system calculates the power consumption of the vehicle, which significantly reduces costs. Such a charging method, in contrast to the current (poles installed along roads) means that electric batteries may be smaller as the cost of their production.

In Sweden, about half a million kilometers of roads, of which 20,000 kilometers of motorway. Sally Hans (Hans Säll), executive director of eRoadArlanda - the group responsible for the establishment of electrified road, said: "If we are electrifying 20,000 kilometers of highways, this would be sufficient. The distance between the two highways usually does not exceed 45 kilometers, so that electric vehicles can travel this distance without charging. "

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