The British saw 500 celebrities and know who is who

• The British saw 500 celebrities and know who is who

In 25-year-old British women Winterman Sarah (Sarah Winterman) unusual hobby - she collects selfie with stars. It instagrame such images for more than five hundred. Several times a month she goes to events with the participation of world-class stars to take a photo, and then publish the pictures on social networks with your comments about who the celebrity cute and who is cruel boy.

The British saw 500 celebrities and know who is who

In its first event went to Sarah in 2009, there took the first photograph of a star. Now, it has already more than 500 celebrities.

"I'm meeting with celebrities for nearly nine years. I visit about four events per month and met with more than 500 stars. Now it has become my hobby, and I like it ", - said Sarah.

With some stars Sarah met more than once. For example, Anne Hathaway girl was seen six times, and when they met the actress even know it.

"The most favorite. See each other for years, but the fact that you know me already at the second meeting, a lot. You are the best". The social networking girl tells about his impressions from the meetings with the stars. Among her favorites, not only Anne Hathaway, but Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon, Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie.

Most often celebrities having fun taking pictures with Sarah and cute with her talk. But she admits that some stars were not so polite, such as Benicio del Toro.

"It was good to see Reese Witherspoon last week, the more she remembered me from our previous meeting in the last year."

"It's always cool to see Cara Cara Delevingne"

"Today, I finally met the one and only Mark Hamill, the legend. Thank you for taking the time to stop for a fan. A dream come true to meet you. "

"Emma Stone - cutie. I still can not believe it happened. "

"Finally, after five years, it happened: I did selfie with Jennifer Lawrence. She's such an angel, I'm still in shock. "

"Thank you for yet another phenomenal tour of your sincerity, because you hang out with me as a friend, even though you are a world star. You are my light. And thank you for all that you did for me. I love you, Katy Perry. " "Last week, again I met with Masha. What she saw me and stopped, was very nice and a lot to me. I did not expect that it will happen, still smiling. Maria Sharapova, thank you for what you are always so cute. "

Sarah is even a special diary where records events that are planning to visit, good work can - Sarah works as a nanny.

"Fortunately, my job, where I can be replaced, when I need to go somewhere."

Thanks to photos with stars Sarah became a celebrity in the social networks on her instagram 20 thousand people signed, and on Twitter - 22,000. Together with a new hobby and new friends there.

"I met new people who are doing the same as me, and now I call them the best of friends."