Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

"The masses have never thirsted for truth. They demand illusions, without which they can not live."

Sigmund Freud was a neurologist, scientist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. All his life he was engaged in the study of the mind and of human existence, making a major contribution to modern psychology. Although his views are considered to be quite controversial, interest in it is still not subsided. We all know that the truth is very difficult to accept. And here are a few truths that force you to face the truth.

1. The purpose of life - is death.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

A person who is conscious of this world, will exhibit courage. For this reason, the greatest truth of life - is death.

2. Work and love - that's the cornerstone of our humanity.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

The fact that we are all going to die, does not mean that we are not worth living. We can love the flowers, the trees, the rain, the smell of earth after the rain. Of course, in life there is something that you can love. Do not think that the glass is half empty. But do not be mistaken, and that it is half full. We need to see the glass as he is.

Your job is to build or ruin your life. The pain of hatred of their work can be more pain from the blow of the little finger, because the latter only lasts a few minutes, and the first can last a lifetime.

3. Our strength in our weakness.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

The enemy can destroy us, but the only way - pushing our weaknesses. If a person takes their weaknesses, others will not be weapons that could be used against him. We can become stronger, to accept the fact that we have our own weakness.

4. There is no such thing as love, only libido.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

While this assertion is controversial, many would agree that it is the truth. Perhaps we should take this fact for granted and not to be upset about it.

5. People are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

In life you always choose your path. Whichever way you choose, you should not criticize the one who chose the other. Only an immoral person would do it.

6. Dreams - is the royal road to the unconscious.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

Dreams help you understand yourself better, and we should give them as much attention as we give sound sleep.

7. Neurosis - is the inability to tolerate uncertainty.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

One of the most painful and pleasurable emotions is our feeling toward uncertainty. However, it affects everyone differently.

8. People can protect themselves from attacks, but they are powerless against the compliments.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

Many of us can not stand criticism, and we try to find weaknesses in those who criticize us, to sting them.

9. To understand a woman, you need to turn labyrinth into a straight line.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

Maybe the reason is that men are more predictable.

10. I have always been looking for strength and confidence outside, but they are always inside, and you can always find them there.

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

confidence - the belief in yourself. This is the main thing to everyone, as long as we do not raise our selfishness. Everything is in our hands, and always has been. We always think as we want to think, hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. It is difficult to accept things as they are. We do not understand what we are saying. Yet we always grieve. And the reason for this is the lack of confidence, because if we believe in ourselves and in force, which possess, we would understand and see the reality.

Sigmund Freud Quotes

Vital truth of Sigmund Freud

Repressed emotions do not die. They silenced. And they continue to influence the inside man.

We choose each other is not accidental. We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious.

The first man, who threw a curse instead of a stone was the creator of civilization.

Do we not find ourselves as helpless in the face of suffering, than when we love.

The impeccable the man outside, the more demons inside him.

If you are just a person everything, then it finished.

The task - to make people happy - is not included in the plan of creation.

Most people do not really want freedom, because it implies responsibility, and the responsibility, most people fear.

The only person with whom you have to compare ourselves, is that you in the past. And the only person, it is better that you should be, this is who you are now.

At that moment, when a person begins to think about the meaning and value of life, you can begin to consider him sick.

Before you diagnose yourself in depression and low self-esteem, make sure that you are not surrounded by idiots.