This trick will make so that your luggage will be the first on the tape

• This trick will make so that your luggage will be the first on the tape

All of us have to wait for your luggage

This trick will make so that your luggage will be the first on the tape

We travel often, and we do not care whether our bags at the beginning or at the end of the baggage belt.

Getting off the plane, we're running into the luggage compartment and, if our suitcase is not waiting for us there, we will definitely get angry.

On the contrary, we love the anticipation. We like to choose a place where best seen as leaves luggage. We enjoy the feeling of great self-satisfaction when we keep an eye out for our bag and vanity, wanting to quickly take it from the conveyor belt, and it is important to pass it through the customs checkpoint.

However, if you are tired of this order unchanging ritual, use the advice of one worker, who revealed the secret of his fellow movers and told how to make your bag first appeared on the tape.

"Best of all - it is to be one of the last passengers to pass customs inspection," - says Thomas Lo Skiuto, airport worker.

"Bags and suitcases are always loaded onto baggage carts, gradually filling them, starting with the front of the truck. Therefore, if your bag will be in the back of the truck, load it in one of the last plane in which you fly, but it will take one of the first off the plane at the destination. "

Skiuto says it also logical to assume that if you sign up for one of the first, your bag will be swapped out one of the last. "Also, remember that you need to be polite with the staff of the airport," - he says. "How polite you are, the more likely that you will get what you want."

Knowing when you need to provide your luggage to check, to pick him up on arrival the first to note that from the plane also depends on the size, as soon as your suitcase to arrive on the running belt.

According to officials in the Birmingham airport, the last bag can appear on the tape 25 minutes after the first, if you flew in a small plane, and somewhere in an hour, if you are flying to, say, 747.

Other useful tricks

Fly business or first class means that your suitcase is almost always labeled "priority" tag, which serves to separate your baggage from the total. But this is not a gimmick, but a privilege. Keep in mind that sometimes a privilege to provide frequent-flyer as stocks, even if they are constantly flying economy class.

According to other sources, with the inscription label "fragile cargo" attached to your luggage, almost certainly do a good job, that is.. Due to her your suitcase with caution aside and immerse the latter.

At least, it is worth to try to use these tips.