Scientifically proven facts about women

• The scientifically proven facts about women

Scientifically proven facts about women

1. Surprisingly, after sexual intercourse, the man seems to be that his fiancee less sexy, and the woman seems on the contrary, that the man has become more attractive.

2. Psychologists believe that women prefer to read a variety of romance novels, the most active in their sex life.

3. Most women walking down the aisle smiling and men - frown. Scientists believe this is due to nervous stress, women hide his own smile, and men of severity.

4. According to the statistics, the percentage of women regretting about his marriage in a week, is 22%.

5. Happiness girl in inverse proportion to its beauty, the statistics say that the most beautiful girls usually are unhappy after 25 years.

6. Sometimes it seems that men are less sensitive, but statistics show that the majority of suicide due to unrequited love, they make it. 7. There is a trust to a survey conducted in Australia, that women prefer more vibrant colors in clothes - feel insecure.

8. It follows from recent studies that women who smoke, have low self-esteem. In addition, any dependencies women talk about a lack of confidence in their appearance, and so on. N.

9. According to crime statistics, it is married women are more likely to fall under the article, among men, the list is topped by bachelors.

10. We all know that alcohol is a much stronger effect on women, even if they have the same weight as that of a man. Scientists attribute this to the smaller amount of water in the woman's body, which allows alcohol is absorbed into the body faster.