What not to do after sports loadings

• What not to do after sporting loads of

Of course, if you do not plan to nullify all the efforts, or worse, ruin health.

What not to do after sports loadings

1. There is an hour

Immediately after the workout your body burns calories at a terrible rate. Give him to complete this process and not Threw coal into the furnace: first meal after a workout should follow no earlier than an hour.

2. Drink Energy

Many people try to speed up the metabolism, "washed down" workout energy drinks. In no case do not do so - in the energy sector a lot of sugar, and you will only slow down the process of burning fat by feeding the body with fast carbohydrates.

3. Sleep

Even if you are exhausted, it is not necessary to go to bed after a workout. The body needs about 2 hours, so that all the processes have slowed down and the body was ready for bed. You can compare the fast going to bed after a workout with brake: bad for the suspension, and for rubber, and for the engine.

4. Skip stretching

Most often, after strength training fitness club visitors do not stay on the half-hour stretch, and it's a big mistake. Soothe muscles, to be distributed lactic acid - all this contributes to a greater training effect!

5. Wipe the sweat from his face with a towel

More precisely the same towel, you just stele on the simulator. Thereafter possible inflammatory processes.

6. Going home without taking a shower

Even if you live 5 minutes from the room, take a shower immediately after exercise. 5 minutes is sufficient to dry the sweat, clog the upper layer of the skin, where they immediately start to breed bacteria.

7. Limit drinking

After a workout, drink as much as you want. The water will not make you fat, and suffer thirst - bad!