Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

• Today is celebrating its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

November 27 celebrates its 55th anniversary of one of the most popular and famous actors in the world of modern Russian cinema Vladimir Mashkov. Today, in its artistic heritage - more than 60 works, and it is difficult to tell which ones are the best, but some have become significant for him. The brightest as Vladimir Mashkov - later in the review.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

The actor in his youth | Photo:

Now it's hard to believe, but acting talent in Mashkov directors spotted immediately. He was twice expelled from drama schools, and the first job in the movie did not bring him any recognition or popularity. One of the first who paid attention to his creativity, was Oleg Tabakov, who received him in a year after deductions for their course in the Moscow Art Theater School.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

Scene from the movie * * American Daughter, 1995 | Photo:

The first popularity came to him in 1995 after filming the movie "American Daughter". Only 20 years later, director of the film Karen Shakhnazarov admitted that the basis for the story based on real events: his wife, after 6 years of life, tired of the cheating spouse, suddenly left for the United States, taking with him a daughter and nothing is explained to him. To see the daughter of the director could only after 20 years. He never shared his feelings about it, and all the emotions poured in "American Daughter", where before Mashkov was a difficult task - to convey the experience of his father who is unable to communicate with your child. As admitted by Karen Shakhnazarov, he had never seen in Mashkov sex symbol and hero-macho, how he tried to present in many films, but was able to saw it for the external force and calmness poignancy and tenderness that were necessary for this role.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

Scene from the film The Thief * * 1997 | Photo:

The really famous Vladimir Mashkov began after starring in the drama "Thief" in 1997. This film is highly appreciated and the audience and the critics: it has become one of the most cash in 1990, received 6 awards "Nika" and. 1998 was nominated for the "Oscar" in the category "Best foreign language film". True, the prestigious award, he had not got - defeated a rival from France. Despite the huge success, Mashkov heard of your address and a lot of criticism, saying that it is too romanticized image of the thief, his character is so charming and charismatic, that arouses sympathy, not condemnation. Directed by Paul wins and explained: "Thief" - this is my early childhood memories that I wanted to materialize on the screen. It is not in the plot, but rather in the atmosphere of the time ... I took a ballad about his Contemporary - about the boy. It was he - the protagonist of the picture, and not Toljan by Mashkov. And if someone does not understand this, then I have something does not work out. Of course, this character - a thief - I love ... The hero Mashkov's a hundred times better than any politician. It is not cynicism. And the worst of cynicism, I do not know anything. He was just a man. Somewhere steal, and to someone present. There are a lot of artistry. Charm. He still loves them - and my mother, and the boy. " After this success Mashkov was invited to Hollywood, where he starred in several films.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

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The film "Mama," which was released in 1999, was also based on a true story: The plot went to the story of the failed attempt to hijack a large family of Soviet musicians Ovechkin. However, the facts of their biographies in the film very loosely interpreted. The role of the mother of the family played Nona Mordjukova, and one of her sons - Vladimir Mashkov. Although the actress at that time was almost 75 years old, she admitted that she was fascinated by his co-star, and if not for the age difference, I would give him my heart.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

Scene from the movie Mamma * * 1999 | Photo:

Mashkov was striking work and the main role in the film "Oligarch" in which he played one of the richest men in Plato Makovsky of the country in the past, before the collapse of the USSR - a junior researcher. The actor talked about how to prepare for the role: "I watched the very rich people and realized how difficult for them, they are always there on the verge of life and death. A lot of money does not bring happiness, they are so destructive that by the power of the destructive action of not even compare. "

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov in the movie * * Oligarch, 2002 | Photo:

One of the most powerful works of Vladimir Mashkov referred to the role of the merchant Parfen Rogozhin in the serial film "Idiot" based on the novel by Dostoevsky. Perhaps the secret of the exact hit in the image lies in the fact that the character actor was very close to what he himself admitted: "I was close to his condition, probably due to my youthful maximalism. I understand that the game felt that the experienced Rogozhin. All this happened in my life, but certainly not in such extreme form. " What is interesting is that in order to participate in this series actor turned down an offer to work with Clint Eastwood.

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

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One of the most popular was the protagonist of the series "Liquidation" of the people kinoobraz Mashkov, head of the Odessa Criminal Investigation David Gotsman. For this role, the actor carefully prepared: almost a year he lived in Odessa, communicated with the bandits, he studied local accents, which last a long time could not get rid of. But initially Gotsmanov was supposed to be, he is not. Director Sergei Ursulyak said: "The story of the choice of actor for the role Gotsmana worth a special film. Alex Poyarkov (screenwriter) wrote about the big, bald man. Not very charming, this drayman. I honestly was looking for an artist in accordance with the outside portrait, proposed by the author. The circle of actors such invoice is limited. Description Alexander Balueva, for example ... The producers patiently belonged to my searches, but cautiously so gently hinted: or maybe Mashkov try? Sent him the script, Volodya read and ... seven months of filming, every day I was happy that he plays Gotsmana. What it perceived as sex symbol, I think a mistake. He is thin and vulnerable organics man with a special energy. And the incredible tenderness and kindness. "

Today celebrates its 55th anniversary of actor Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov as Gotsmana David | Photo:

Double Vladimir Mashkov starred in the films of Grigory Rasputin. In the first of them, the Russian-French project "Rasputin" in 2011, starring Gerard Depardieu and Mashkov got the role of Emperor Nicholas II. And in the second - 8-series historical drama "Gregory R." - Russian actor has played the role of Rasputin. Preparing for the role, he studied archival documents, and on the set so masterfully reincarnated that from his piercing gaze - such as, say, was Rasputin - was getting uncomfortable all the members of the crew.