Why is it helpful to sleep naked

• Why is it helpful to sleep naked

Recently, the number of studies on sleep, increased strongly. This is logical: sleep is very important for the body! Now scientists say that it is useful to sleep naked. And that's why.

Why is it helpful to sleep naked

1. Good to sleep in the cool of

The optimum temperature for sleep - 17-19 degrees. If you sleep in pajamas, can overheat. The cool atmosphere body with great effect is reduced, and the sleep gets deeper and longer.

2. Improves relationships

Contact "skin to skin" is useful because it contributes to the development of "happiness hormone" oxytocin. Most often, so sleeping couples that have recently met.

3. Helps you lose weight

Sleep naked, as we have written above, it helps to not overheat the body and better stores brown fat, which is then burned to produce energy.

4. Helps control insulin levels

Cool atmosphere positively influences the hormone leptin (appetite control) and adiponectin (involved in the metabolism of glucose and fatty acids). So, and insulin.

5. Improves skin condition

Sleep without clothing allows the skin to breathe. Tight clothing can cause irritation and rashes.