Briton lived with two girls and learned all

• The Briton lived with two girls and learned all

Musician Craig Sheyps (Craig Shapes) moved into an apartment with his girlfriend and her friend. He could not imagine what awaits him. Cohabitation with two individuals of the weaker sex has helped Craig learn more about the unfathomable feminine essence. About his observations guy told subscribers on Twitter - starting with the fact that the girls can not keep from each other any information, and ending unrealistic amount of hair all over the apartment.

Briton lived with two girls and learned all

In 2017, Craig Sheyps began to live with his ladylove and her friend in the same apartment. "Some shit that I saw literally opened my eyes" - began his story about living together with girls Craig.

The first thing that surprised guy - the girls do not have secrets from each other. At all.

"They show each other all the messages to be processed. No one is safe. The girls do not need screenshots, have a photographic memory. "

So keep in mind that if you write a message to his girlfriend, then you will automatically write and her friends.

The myth that girls are not cocoa - it's complete nonsense. In addition, they are not afraid to talk about it.

"I need to go in a more" - probably the most popular phrase in our house. "

Another observation Craig for the girls care about their appearance.

"HAIRPINS. Oh, those pins. Stepping on them, I sit on them, wake up with pins stuck to the skin. Yes, I could take a fucking bath of hairpins, which I find for a week. "

The conventional wisdom that girls are going for a long time - it's true. For a woman charges - a real ritual. "The process of preparing for release in people - it's not just" clean up, get dressed, get out. " Nope. This consultation, fashion shows, endless compliments, sometimes alone and unable to cope, because on some dresses zipper back and the girl herself did not make it to her. "

The task of the girls - to create comfort in the house. Therefore, on the shelves are always a lot of cute bags and, of course, scented candles.

"Candles. We have so many candles. Candles that smell strange, like "rhubarb and custard." I do not even know how to actually smells of rhubarb and custard. "

Girls know how to persuade. You blink and do not have time as instead of football begin to enjoy soap operas or reality shows.

"" Keeping Up with the Kardashians, "" Weekend in Ibiza "," Former on the beach "," Island of Love "," Coast Geordie ". Dude, I know all of these people, which never meet. And each show is very many episodes! And the most terrible thing is that I gave up and I liked the "Love Island". "

"If my brows groomed, they even talk to me will not be until I permit them to pull out. This is madness. Girls love to pull other people's eyebrows. I do not know why".

"Girls are always talking about diets and the ideal figure. But, believe me, they arrange a "day of rest" is almost always when they are sad. Bad day? Glass of wine. Monday? Chocolate. The guy said, you will not start a dog? Pizza".

Another observation concerns the fact that women know everything. This is no exaggeration.

"They say that the girls know everything. If this is true, it is only because they instagram-stalkers highest level. Seriously, if I call a name in five minutes they already know the names of the man the dogs, the size of his shoes and insurance number. " "Robes. If you do not have a robe, you lose a lot. In those days, when we have a hangover, we can not get out of the dressing gowns. Girls can even shop in a bathrobe to go, and no one cares. "

And the strange girl.

"Sometimes I sit on the couch and watching these two. They can just jump up and start dancing. I do not understand what is happening, even the music is not playing. "

"Around one drama. You must wash your hair - Drama. It's cold outside, even though you were waiting for that will be warm, and it is necessary to change - Drama. It is impossible to find something out of clothes - a hell of a huge drama. "

"If you're going to come to visit, it is necessary to warn of 8-10 working days, the girls were sure the house is clean, had time to wash and dry your hair and make up."

"Girls fall clothing. They may even be a common wardrobe. They no longer remember where someone senior. "

"Around full of hair, it is a real madness. Especially in the shower, just a small handful of hair. However, I'm used to it. "

Despite the strangeness of girls and some irritants, such as barrettes and hair Craig life with the ladies quite happy.

"All I want to say - this is what you do not learn about the real devotion to anything until I may stay with the girls. Every day, this house is full of laughter. Love them".