Invaluable lessons from contact with unpleasant people

Do you think that you can not learn anything negative warehouse people, right? Avoid them - the best option?

Invaluable lessons from contact with unpleasant people

For most of us this is the case, in particular, because the bad relations tend to spread and impact on all those who work in the office. But you can also learn something about why people are angry, what makes them so miserable and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

Before you begin to "learn" from the toxic people, take care of self-defense. It's a trap, in which you can get for yourself. Today, you are a happy man, content with his work, and the next day you are full of anger and ponder an exit strategy. From what we know about the brain, we all have a tendency to dwell on negative thoughts and let them eat us slowly. They can easily penetrate into our brain, probably because it requires less effort than finding a solution.

Experience suggests that a certain amount of communication with the office troublemakers can teach you something some useful skills, of course, if limited to small doses. Here are a few lessons.

Learn to discard problems

I like the principle of rejection problems, which told me many years ago. In principle, this way of dealing with stress and negative thoughts. Just drop them aside and think about something else. As for the study of how it works from toxic people - they never did come. They did not throw away. In fact, any remark, a casual look or a negative experience just cling to them and create a dark cloud. That's why almost every article about toxic people contains a dark cloud or gloomy, frightening picture, including this one. You can watch as it happens in real time.

Man adverse warehouse seem almost eager to toxicity. Such people are a sponge, absorbing the negative energy, and they seem to be helpless in the influence of "dark clouds". My advice is to immediately drop these thoughts.

Avoid permanent dissatisfaction syndrome

Toxic people are always talking about their desire to get something better in work and life. They are prone to irritability and taunts because of all that they have, they seem good enough. Even in small doses, these effects can be fatal, so as soon as you notice something similar at work, try my best to avoid this type of thinking.

But what is the truth?

You never know whether there is in fact a better job or a better position, or a better boss. Of course, it may happen that you actually find yourself in a bad working atmosphere, and it would be better to leave, but in most cases you are on a good enough job. After all, you went to the job with high hopes, and keep these hopes - not a bad strategy. For some reason, toxic people always think that the "following" would be better, whatever it was. This is one of the main reasons for the hopeless existence.

Pay attention to those who "invest" in your

Another interesting feature of the toxic people is that they tend to create around themselves a small group. Toxic cloud expands, draws a new man, and formed a dark connection. Bad Company destroys a person and makes him unhappy.

When you see a group of people constantly dissatisfied, think a moment about their relationships with others. My advice - communicate with people who will invest in you, who want to see how you grow and become better. Within these people do not have the toxic slag. They will not bore you with negativity and bitterness.

Strive to be around people who have a positive outlook on life. If you are surrounded by unhappy people, it is likely that one day you too will find yourself among them.