Myths of action in case of disaster

Some myths are different vitality, no matter how many times they had proved unjustified. Such as lubrication oil, or burn sucking snake venom.

Myths of action in case of disaster

When it comes to the actions of an earthquake, a hurricane or a fire, even a minor misinformation could have done a lot of harm.

Here are some common misconceptions about how to prepare for natural disasters and to protect themselves.

Stand in the doorway during an earthquake

Myths of action in case of disaster

In the past, when houses and buildings were not improved by today's standards, people are encouraged to stand up in a reinforced doorway for protection against earthquakes. But these days, "it is certainly a myth, because of which it can happen misfortune" - warns Peter Moraga, a spokesman for the Insurance Information Network of California. "Scientists have proven that the best thing you can do is lie down, cover and compressed into a ball."

Falling to his knees, covering his head and hiding under a heavy table or other furniture, you have a better chance of avoiding the fall of heavy objects during an earthquake. In addition, you are more likely to get injured, rushed to the door to escape, than to remain in place.

The American Red Cross also offers other tips for actions during an earthquake.

Open the window in the house to compensate for the excess pressure caused by Hurricane

Myths of action in case of disaster

This is a terrible idea for two reasons, explains Julie Rochman, president of the Insurance Institute of business security and housing. "Firstly, it does not work. Secondly, do not stand in front of the window, when Hurricane scatters debris everywhere. In addition, you can just be sucked out of the window. "

Rochman recommends "leaving windows alone and instead go to the rooms without windows, for example, in a basement or in a room with no windows." In addition, under public pressure, the CDC admitted that during a hurricane can be beneficial to wear a helmet - if you search for him not to waste time.

to seal the window before the hurricane belt

Myths of action in case of disaster

Sealing windows band criss-cross "in no way contributes to the preservation of glasses whole" - warns Rochman. "Besides, if you tape the windows at the last minute, you are putting yourself at risk. It is better to invest in a system of protection of windows, for example, impact-resistant windows or anti-hurricane shutters. "

James Judge of the Scientific Advisory Board of the American Red Cross agrees. "The myth is that the tape holds the glass, but it is absolutely not true," he says. "Duct tape can create larger pieces of glass, which will cause considerable damage. It is best to put on a window protection of plywood or corrugated material. "

Open a window or door on the lee side of your home during a hurricane

Myths of action in case of disaster

This is a long-standing myth is passed from neighbor to neighbor.

"People believe that if you open a window on the leeward side of the house, it will help relieve the pressure and prevent the failure of the roof of the wind," - says Judge, referring to the side of the building, protected from the wind. "But the fact of the matter is that this is a huge mistake." Changes in atmospheric pressure caused by the hurricane, do not affect the house or building. But the open windows and doors can bring wind-blown debris and wreckage, and it certainly is a risk. "

Tips on how to stay safe during a hurricane, can be found on the pages of National Geographic.

To remain in the house and protect it during the fire

Myths of action in case of disaster

In Australia, it has long been the policy applies to "stay and defend" the fires. The reason is that a fire can capture tenants while trying to leave the house, it is safer to stay at home or in advance to leave the scene of the fire. Proponents of this behavior say that healthy people can be trained to extinguish fire hazards in the home, while maintaining security. Whereas for some US homeowners is not unusual to ignore evacuation orders and put out the fire with a garden hose, fire company always urged to leave the house in case of fire. The International Association of Heads of fire organizations in Fairfax, Virginia, presented the program "Ready-plug-carcass" in 2010. It emphasizes the importance of a timely execution of the evacuation orders. This is due to the fact that the refusal to leave the house in case of fire approach is very risky game.

Users should always follow the evacuation order, says Moraga.

out of the car and lie in a ditch when a hurricane hit the

Myths of action in case of disaster

If you are in a hurricane, the first step is to find a shelter, says Judge. But if this is not possible, dive into the ditch can be dangerous.

The ditch may be a temporary shelter from flying debris. But if you have taken refuge in the car, fasten your seat belt, get down below the level of the window and switch on the ignition to airbags have been deployed in the collision of the object with the machine. "In my opinion, it's better than jumping into the ditch," - says Judge.