Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

• Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate of

Drug dependency, the pressure of fame, failures in work - that killed the young Hollywood stars?

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

Nicholas Brendon

47 years old, the star of the film "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer"

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

The actor was in about Bafii series at once: he auditioned for the role four times. By the time Brandon for several years stormed Hollywood, working as an assistant on the set, a waiter and handyman. Nicholas for his perseverance was rewarded with a role in the high-profile series, but has not followed the large-scale projects.

In October 2014, almost immediately after the wedding to actress Munda Tee, Brandon was arrested for damage to property at a hotel in Idaho. The actor broke the plate in the lobby, and then resisted the police officer. 4 years before that the actor had already been to the police station for drunken antics, and he was treated for alcohol dependence.

After his arrest in '14, the Brandon again went for treatment, and in February the following year, after only 6 months of marriage, divorced Tee and made another pogrom: smashed a room in Hilton and refused to pay the bill of $ 400. Next, under the distribution fell hotel in Florida.

In September 2015 Brandon again had to deal with the police: because of a fight with his girlfriend, whose name was not disclosed. The actor once again went to Rehab and, by his own admission, stayed sober as much as 90 days. Last year, Brandon was arrested for attacking the same girl. Now he faces a real term.

Amanda Bynes

32 years old, star of comedies, "she male," "What a Girl Wants" and "Love Wrecked"

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate


Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

Glory literally brought the actress crazy - Amanda did not cope and in 2010 announced his retirement. But quietly leave on the day of the girl did not happen. In May 2012, the actress was arrested in her apartment in Manhattan - the neighbors complained that she often turns "herd" right at the entrance and talking to herself. At that time, Amanda has "hung" conditional prison sentence for drunk driving. On psychiatric examination, Amanda set off a huge platinum wig, and then dyed their own hair pink (no, it does not look stylish). Later, Amanda tried to set fire to someone's house, walked around the neighborhood in his underwear, and trials come in the old intricate wigs.

In July 2013 the girl at the insistence of parents for a year sent to a psychiatric clinic. Along the way, Amanda accused her father of sexual harassment, but then took it back. Later she explained their actions by the fact that his father implanted in her head a special chip, so sometimes it carries nonsense.

Now Amanda recovered - in all senses. You hardly know it star youth comedies of the past. But Bynes leads a quiet life, engaged with a personal psychologist, and even plans to return to TV.

Edward Furlong

40 years old, the star of the franchise, "Terminator"

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

Edward's strong start in cinema "smeared" drugs and alcohol, which are reflected in the appearance of the once pretty teenager. At age 15, Edward began dating 29-year-old Jacqueline Domecq, his manager. When they broke up in 1999, Jacqueline took 15% of the state actor and sued him for domestic violence. At the same time the actor started using cocaine and heroin.

In 2006, Furlong was married to actress Rachael Bella, who was waiting for his child. After the divorce, Furlong had threatened his wife and spending time with a six-year old son, and gave the child cocaine! Furlong Court sent to jail for 2 months and then for compulsory treatment.

Rebecca Gayheart

46 years, the actress of the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" and the movie "Scream 2"

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

Rebecca Gayheart was one of the most promising starlets' 90s, but in zero her career and personal life went awry. At first, Rebecca death brought down a nine-year kid (actress received probation, fines and corrective work), and then was fired became a cult TV series "Firefly," and in 2009 the network has got an intimate recording with Gayheart, her husband - actor Eric Dane, and more one model. In February this year, Rebecca has filed for divorce from Dane after 14 years of marriage. The couple has two daughters.

Jonathan Brandis

1976-2003, the star of the series "Underwater Odyssey"

Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate Hollywood Stars with unfortunate fate

Jonathan began acting at age 6, and three years later his family moved to Los Angeles, the boy was able to build a career in Hollywood. The plan was a success: 16 years Brandis landed a starring role in the series "Underwater Odyssey" and became the star of teenagers. At the same time on the set of the young man began to meet with a colleague on the show Brittany Murphy.

After the series, Brandeis offered almost no work, and in 2002 he was a scene from the film "Hart's War," starring Bruce Willis was all cut. By the time friends have already mentioned depressed Jonathan: he talked about death, their failures, and drank a lot. In 2003, Jonathan Brandis hanged himself at home.