Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years

Over the past few years, Moscow has much "rejuvenated". The average age of its buildings has decreased not only due to new buildings, but also due to the demolition of buildings, which more than a hundred years. Many of them have historical and architectural value, were the favorite tourist attractions. They can not be remembered, and very sad that they felt something odd in Moscow. All in Moscow for the past seven years, more than half demolished hundreds of old buildings. Five of them were particularly dear to the heart of every Muscovite (and many fans of the Old Moscow from other cities and countries).

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years

Apartment house Eggers

One of the unique creations of Russian Silver Age architect Ivan Mashkov, it was a house built in 1913 on the Rossolimo street. For many years, lovers of old Moscow sought recognition of its architectural value, the more so because in the doorways preserved original interior, but the land under it seems to cost too much. Metlahskoy floor tiles, wrought iron stair railing lattice, thin molded parts - everything was ruthlessly destroyed.

Sergey Eggers, the original owner of the house, was a notary, and was engaged in, among other things, family things Tolstoy - have been near his home in Moscow. Besides Eggers, walls of the house to remember Patriarch Alexis I, who was a frequent guest in one of the apartments. Before demolishing the building was in excellent condition, it broke with great difficulty. However, from his left front, he will be entered into the new building - but the house was famous not only a facade.

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years

Red Cross Military Hospital in Lefortovo

Hospital together with the church in its territory built in 1914, at the beginning of World War I, and then used for its intended purpose. Interiors inside did not change until our time. This is another building, which was refused in the assignment of architectural or historical significance, both for him or fought.

Hospital this means to the citizens erected in the shortest possible time, and the railroad carried to it a separate branch to bring the wounded quickly and comfortably by train, rather than on the bumpy carts. City Council took care of that sum to the building of water, electricity and trams. Hospital itself was not just a hospital, and a monument of the civil union, which the authorities and ordinary citizens have expressed in its construction. Carried him to obtain any permits for demolition immediately.

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years

Mikhoels Home

Solomon Mikhoels - known at the time the Soviet actor and theater manager. He lived in a house built in the nineteenth century Russian architect Vasily Myasnikov. Besides Mikhoels, in the house, after the revolution, also lived writer Vsevolod Ivanov, appeared here with visits Yesenin. By the time the house has been transformed from the estate in a communal - it was originally built for the family of a Kirikova.

Due to molding around the windows of the house looked fabulous, almost a toy. Having entered into it, Ivanov looked around and immediately spent all the cash on expensive wallpaper - other this house did not fit. He slept then, to the delight of Esenina on the floor - Yesenin told Ivanov that and must live in the present writers.

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years


Apartment house Proshina

Typical house of the Silver Age, it was built in 1905 and, when it was demolished, experts reported the first major architectural loss of the decade - in Moscow, of course. Exclusive facade by architect Paul Zarutsky before demolition promised to keep as the main decoration of the streets, but the building is finally demolished completely.

On the facade of the first popular in the early twentieth century sgraffito technique was used in Moscow. In 2012, it was stated that the house will be reconstructed, but the creation of reconstruction Zarutsky not wait. A remarkable work of Moscow Art Nouveau, its frieze in the style of Art Nouveau were turned into dust.

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years

Moscow Cathedral Mosque

The mosque, built back in 1904 on the project Nikolay Zhukov, has survived two revolutions and two world wars, the struggle against religion and nineties. Now, the unique historical building stands a new mosque, which is called in the same way, but it was built after 2011 - that is, the real Moscow mosque was demolished.

Now few people remember, but in Moscow there was a big Tatar diaspora, and many janitors were Tatars (and not only the windshield wipers, of course!). In addition, the local high schools attended the Gentiles - the children of officers of the Muslim edge of the Russian Empire, to build a career officials from Muslim nations. For them and put the legendary mosque.

Historic buildings, which Moscow has lost in recent years