China has not seen the last series "Game of Thrones" because Trump policy

• did not see the last series "Game of Thrones" because of politics Trump in China

May 19, the premiere of the last of the sixth series "Game of Thrones", and has millions of viewers have time to see it. That's just the inhabitants of China and do not know who took the Iron Throne. And the reason for that policy is another no less powerful ruler - Donald Trump.

China has not seen the last series

In the Wall Street Journal wrote that Tencent Video platform, which has been broadcast HBO content in the country declined from the show because of the recent China-US trade conflict. However, on the official website of the causes of these "technical problem." Who is telling the truth? We offer you to figure it out.

May 19 users Tencent Video instead of the promised final series "Game of Thrones" saw the message about the technical problems. However, HBO representatives said that there were no technical problems do not and can not. The only reason why Tencent Video may refuse to broadcast - the political differences between China and the United States.

In early May 2019, Donald Trump announced a significant increase in tariffs on Chinese goods. China government, in turn, began to take retaliatory measures. As a result, this has led to a serious conflict and a number of negative consequences. For example, as recently it became known, Google, and other large American companies ceased cooperation with Huawei company. It is possible that by this decision affected many owners of smartphones, because they stop working all Google services, including PlayMarket and Google Chrome.

China has not seen the last series

As Tencent users, they also upset and require the company to give them back the money for the subscription. Some argue that in order to show "Game of Thrones" even took leave from work. Should we expect them to some kind of compensation, so far unknown.

I wonder if they would so angry if they knew what ended 6-series. In case someone does not even look, will refrain from spoilers, but said that more than a million viewers have signed a petition to retake the 8th season.