Three grandmother Soviet cinema

• Three grandmother Soviet cinema

"I was once young, three hundred years ago," - singing turtle cake in the execution of eternal grandmother Soviet Union Rina Green. But who among us remembers this brilliant young actress?

They have become popular as an adult, they have never had a role romantic beauties, and often they shine only in the episodes. With all of this popularity of their sometimes superior glory actors of the first plan. Let us recall what were our favorite grandmother of Soviet cinema in his youth.

Three grandmother Soviet cinema

The most famous grandmother of Soviet cinema - Tatiana Peltzer. It became popular with viewers only in 47 years, and we remember it as a good Baba Yaga and mother Ivan Brovkin. Her tiny role of the mischievous old lady always were the highlight, thanks to which even the insipid film became better.

She never got the actor's education than for life is very proud of. Thus Peltzer first appeared on stage in 1913, when she was only 9 years old, but in the movie made its debut only three decades later.

And this is how Tatiana looked in his youth, in the 20s. And at that time it breaks the heart.

In 1927, Tatiana Peltzer married a German communist internationalist, Hans Teyblera, who had studied in Moscow at the Comintern School. In 1930, the couple moved to Berlin, where Tatiana worked as a typist in the Soviet Trade Mission. The actress has lived in Berlin until the arrival of Hitler, although there are rumors that leaving home was not associated with a change of government, and to adultery. In the 30 years after leaving the Russian wife of Germany Hans remarried. His grandson then came to Moscow, stopped at Peltzer, she was very warmly received him, to the end of days has kept a close relationship with Hans and his family ... Even in old age Peltzer drove to Carlsbad on the water, where it met with "her young husband."

Tatiana Peltzer many years was bosom friend of another famous grandmother of Soviet cinema - sparkling Faina Ranevskaya.

Tatiana told the story, which later became a joke. Once on tour in Leningrad, they lived in different hotels. Faina calls and says into the phone in a low voice: "Ta-nya! Come and see me to dinner. I did not know how to have one. There is one just as immoral as Wed ... be together. "

Faina Ranevskaya in the 70s

Ranevskaya remembers his sayings, many of which have become winged. Often this great actress called the "queen of the second plan": it did not have any major role in the movie, but who today would be remembered "Foundling," "Alexander Parkhomenko," "Girl with a Guitar" and "easy life", if not Ranevskaya?

Young Ranevskaya with her older sister Bella before the revolution

Ranevskaya was born in Taganrog in a wealthy Jewish family. As with Peltzer, Ranevskaya was not acting education, only lessons in a private drama school, but with 19 years she began acting in theater. In the movie actress she made her debut at the age of 38 years, in a silent film in 1934, "Donut". And he won the All-Union fame thanks to the film "Foundling" in 1940, after which will forever remain in people's memory as "Mulia not nervous about me." In her own memories, Faina Ranevskaya barely let in people in their personal lives. All my life it was accompanied by loneliness: a very young age when her family emigrated after the Revolution, Faina was one. In his autobiography, the actress recalled how very young she unsuccessfully in love with the hero-lover of the troupe. He did not answer her affection. Worse, he had insulted and humiliated Faina, thereby closing this part of her soul forever.

Ranevskaya with sister in 60

She never married, she gave birth to children. Only once and for a short while she had a chance to enjoy a home. In the 60's returned from exile older sister Bella. Together they lived only a few years before Bell fell ill and died soon after.

Unique Rina Green remembered and loved for his roles turtles tortilla in "The Adventures of Pinocchio", Mrs. Hudson, "Sherlock Holmes" and the great number of episodic, but memorable roles.

The actress was born at the dawn of the XX century in Tashkent, studied at the prestigious grammar school in Moscow, by chance I entered the drama school and first appeared on stage in Odessa. Rina unusual name appeared only because the first poster did not put her full name is Catherine.

Catherine Green started out as a pop singer, then played in the theater, and in the 38 years of her life become a part of cinema. In 1939, together with Agnia Barto she wrote a comedy script "The Foundling", and there has played the housekeeper Arish.

For a long time Rina Green battered small roles general's, governesses, secretaries and the visitors, but the really famous she became only in the 70s. Unlike his two colleagues on the shop floor, which we spoke earlier, Rina Green was happy in family life. The first time she jumped married 18 years, but the marriage did not last long. But the second husband was her true love, they have fun together and lived together for forty years.

Rina Green and her second husband, the architect Konstantin Topuridze

The beginning of their joint long life's journey served as a holiday romance - they met in the Abkhaz sanatoria. And quickly married. The actress loved to observe the workings of her husband, a talented architect who was the author of fountains projects "Friendship of Peoples", "Stone Flower", "Golden Ear" at ENEA and other monumental works.

His children have not had the Green. She raised two sons Topuridze and his nieces. It is hard to imagine, but the first husband and his first wife Reena Constantine gladly visited their home.

The couple lived together for four decades, and when in 1977, Rina Green widowed very soon completely lost her eyesight, if he had not wanted to look at the world, which was not her beloved.