The best recipes of pancakes made of corn flour

• The best recipes of pancakes made of corn flour

The best recipes of pancakes made of corn flour

Do you like pancakes, but you're afraid to get better? There is a very simple solution - cook pancakes on corn meal. Such pancakes are obtained with less calories.

By the way, did you know that corn meal is healthy? It strengthens the heart and blood vessels, normalizes the secretion of bile and blood circulation slows down aging and treat anemia. So, preparing pancakes you will not only have a tasty meal in the corn flour, but not yet obzavedeshsya extra inches at the waist and at the same time improve their health. We offer recipes are very tasty pancakes on corn meal for every taste.

Pancakes made from corn flour with milk


milk 2, 5% - 300 ml

refined vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l

Eggs - 3 pcs

Sugar - 50 g

corn flour - 300 g

Salt - 1/2 tsp.

How to cook pancakes made of corn flour:

Eggs and milk vzbey whisk in a light foam mass.

Cornmeal unite with sugar and salt, and then screened through a tea strainer.

Both mixtures shift in one container and thoroughly stir to even the smallest lumps and clots were completely dissolved in the liquid. After enter vegetable oil and send the dough for 40 minutes in a warm place.

Pan smazh any animal fat and warm up well on high heat. Pour the dough and bake each pancake for 1-2 minutes on both sides. Give pancakes made from corn flour with sauces, sour cream or yogurt.

Dietary pancakes made of corn flour


Water - 750 mL

corn flour - 1 cup

Wheat flour - 1 cup

Eggs - 2 pcs.

vegetable oil - 100 ml

starch powder - 1 tsp..

baking soda - a pinch

Salt - 1 tsp..

How to cook corn diet pancakes:

In a bowl Beat the eggs, add salt and sugar podsypaya. All well vzbey whisk or electric mixer.

Pour the water (boiled room temperature), again all vzbey - top cap must be formed from the foam.

Mix wheat flour with starch and baking soda. This dry mixture was requested in the weight of the water and eggs.

Further requests cornmeal, stir with a mixer or a blender to obtain a uniform mass without lumps. Add the vegetable oil and stir again.

Leave the dough for 20 minutes, during which time a little flour swells and the mixture becomes thick.

Smazh surface pans with vegetable oil and place on fire. Pour the dough onto the surface and distributed.

Fry each side of pancake made of corn flour for 2 minutes and put on a plate.

Pancakes of corn grits on kefir


corn grits - 2 cups

kefir - 1L

Egg - 2 pcs.

Stevia - 2 tbsp. l.

Salt - 1/2 tsp..

soda - 1/4 tsp..

Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l.

How to cook pancakes with kefir made from corn flour:

At room temperature, kefir put out soda, corn grits vsyp then finely ground and leave for 30 minutes to soak up the liquid components mass. Eggs grind with salt and stevia, add kefir base and knead the dough uniform. Add vegetable oil and mix well.

Warm up the pan and smazh lard or sunflower oil. Bake pancakes made of corn flour for 30-40 seconds on each side, are impregnated with the melted butter and serve.

pancakes made of corn flour on mineral water


mineral water - 500 ml

corn meal - a glass

Wheat flour - 200 g

sugar - 60 g

Eggs - 3 pcs.

Salt - a pinch

vegetable oil - 80 ml

How to cook pancakes on mineral water:

In the bowl of a mound of wheat and corn flour, add

salt and a little sugar.

In a bowl, break the eggs and whisk until thoroughly vzbey foam appearance. Piecemeal zaley eggs in the flour mixture and mix well. Gradually pour in the mineral water, do not forget all the stir that the test had no lumps.

At the end, add the vegetable oil and stir again. Cover with a container of dough with a towel and leave to stand for half an hour.

Smazh frying pan with oil and heat. Pour onto a heated surface batter pancake and cook every 2 minutes on each side.