What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

In Russia, children were brought up strictly. For misconduct and pranks used to be punished, with sometimes quite brutally. Modern ombudsman for children's rights These methods of education would enter into a stupor, but before that it was perceived as a matter of course. Loss of consciousness or prolonged famine - only part of the punishment, which could be subject to the delinquent child.

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Spoon forehead obtained if the rules are not taught

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Today, hardly anyone of the parents come to mind to hit a child on the head with a spoon. This seems odd and not very decent. And earlier, when during a meal on the table, put the pot, and the whole family drew from it a meal by seniority, a method of punishment was considered usual. If the child has decided to get ahead of his father or grandfather and scooped up the first, then he does not show respect for their elders, do not know the rules of conduct. During this violator (by the way, it might not necessarily be a child, and anyone who is younger than the senior in the family) gets hit with a wooden spoon on the forehead.

And not only for this. Watched carefully - dripped on a clean table, forgetting to insure a piece of bread - get on the forehead. Slurp loudly and in a hurry, talking while eating - again with a spoon! In general, if you want to save face in the safe and sound, without bumps and bruises, should have careful not to break the rules, to behave modestly.

Spare the rod on the cover of the primer 1637

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Another type of punishment was the rod. This bundle of sticks, soaked in cold water. Sometimes "heighten the effect of" whip soaked in a salty solution. Whip rods could a child of any class and any of any offense. This was done both parents and school teachers. Rod was considered useful for a growing body. In some families, the so-called spent Saturday flogging, and not for any misdeeds, but just for prevention. Complain about the beatings the child was not. Moreover, about a father who did not flogs children, neighbors said that he does not educate their offspring. Whip was so popular that even in 1637 were depicted on the cover of ABC, printed Basil Burtsev. In the picture the teacher beats student with rods, and the rest diligently engaged. Many read "Childhood" by Maxim Gorky and horrific episode execution Alesha when stern grandfather carved the boy until he lost consciousness. In "Essays bursa" Nicholas Pomyalovsky much space is devoted to physical punishment, including rod and read it without a shudder impossible.

In schools, corporal punishment was abolished in the early 19th century. As for the families, some parents today physically punish children. However, do not use the cane, but mostly a normal belt.

It is difficult to say that more wounded child - rod or moral humiliation. And it's the latter method is used quite actively. For example, if the student is naughty in the classroom or bad homework, he could dress up in silly costume or hang on the neck plate with the mocking inscription. So he had to walk for a while, listening to the taunts of other students.

Even the regal persons were punished. For example, the Grand Duke Nicholas was a tutor Matvei Lamzdorf. It seems that in such an environment could choose any pedagogical methods. But no - the boy beat Lamzdorf weapons ramrod and bashed his head against the wall. Truly royal upbringing.

The only institution where physical punishment was legally banned, was Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. Tricksy and offenders locked up in the rooms. Another version of punishment - is sitting at the very end of the table during the meal. Compared with rods or a ramrod it just seems ridiculous.

In peas, or how in the old days did not think about the health of the knee

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Place the child on his knees peas - this sentence was very common in Russia. Received it for a variety of reasons: the child does not listen or did not do what he was assigned to the house, roughly he said, just naughty. It seems that here the such - to stand on the peas, but dried beans so much dug in his knees, that a few hours brought the child to the point of exhaustion.

For failing to properly behave child can sit on bread and water for a few days. For example, for loud laughter or talking, distracting facial expressions, commenting on the words of senior.

For seven years already - please come to the colony

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Today it seems incredible, but in the late 18th century can be brought to criminal responsibility of the child, if he was 7 years old. It was stated in the Penal Code. If the parents despaired reeducate their child, they thought he was so naughty that dealing with it is simply impossible, they can send it to a special penitentiary for several months (up to six months). Parents themselves determine the duration of penalties and offenses for which the child is left in a state-owned institution. The reason most often mentioned "disobedience adult", "obvious defects", "debauchery". What does it meant, now hard to say.

Stroptiv - get a slap in the face and fast

What were the penalties for delinquent children in Russia

Restrictions on foods referred to the very popular punishment. More often than not deprived of the sweet, and sometimes can even stop feeding. Especially getting those naughty during a church service. They were prescribed prostrations in a large quantity and a strict fast for 12 days. Punishment in the form of slaps used to "knock-out foolishness" of the children. Obstinate and capricious brought up, whipping his cheeks apart and it is something wrong or nepedagogichno. Yes, the children were kept in severity. For some insignificant complaint such as "I'm hot in those clothes," the child could be punished by writing twenty-five prostrations. And not just to worship, it meant a very slow sinking to his knees, and then a slow climb. The symbolism of this punishment - fall, sin, and receive forgiveness from the Lord.

Yes, today's parents grumbling and threats to take away the mobile phone seems just baby talk compared to the methods that were used in old Russia.