Rules of Life Sade

• Rules of Life Sade

Rules of Life Sade

real name Helen Folashade Hell, the singer, 57, London

I - like sardines - a little fish with a big mouth unrealistic.

My grandfather had seven wives, and everyone thinks that others want to poison her.

As a child, I listened to a little music, because my mom is not particularly fond of music. That's Dad - yes, loved, but I was living with my mother.

Mother left his father, because she could not live with him, although they were very fond of each other. She was difficult to survive the break - his father was the love of her life. On the wedding day, he gave his mother a red rose. When her father died, she left a rose in his grave - she kept it for thirty years.

When we got back to England from Nigeria, mom got a job as a nurse in the village. I started making friends, and no one paid attention to the color of my skin. Children by nature are not racists, but they can become them because the parents, society and culture.

Two lads from my village once asked me to be the soloist of the group, I said I would try, but I'm not a singer, and just a girl who likes to have fun. They were great guys, if not for their blind faith in me, I would not sing today. My first kiss happened on the evening film screenings. I was fourteen years old. First sex was so-so. It was in the attic.

The idea of ​​being together with one person forever impractical.

In general, to be together with someone - it's hard. When I do something, for anything else in my world there is no place. If I'm with someone talking on the phone, I chat with him only. And I have no more time on anybody else.

When you go on stage, it seems, you are thrown to the lions.

Probably, many think I'm depressed girl who cries all the time in his ivory tower.

I'm a little witch.

Sadness in the songs - it's actually a positive thing. It is not a song makes you sad - sadness is already within you, and the song makes you admit it and get rid of sadness.

After I wrote the song, she was not mine. This is the meaning of music - it must belong to the people.

Anxiety that I feel when I'm late, can not be compared with the anxiety that I feel when I get somewhere on time.

England can be very hostile; she grouchy old aunt. But you go to her and stay with her, even though she criticizes you all the time and is unfair to you, even if you try hard. But you continue to love her in his own way, and then you die. These bitches always worry you. Mother to be strong. Even if you do not feel a strong need to make an appearance.

Ass. The only part of my body, to which I have no complaints.

His "Grammy" I broke. I was on the phone with the manager, we had a fight, I started up, and I wanted to make something of such things. Then I threw the "Grammy" in the floor.

If you release one album in 10 years, it must be good.

I believe in ghosts. I saw a ghost in my mother's house. I just woke up and saw "it." It had no shape, just fly around the room.

I want it to be written on my tombstone: "If you want, you can dance right here."