7 most tall buildings from around the world

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Man has always sought to heaven. However, with wings on his back did not happen, but people learned to build skyscrapers, incredible rides, vertical gardens, rising under the same sky, and even Cemeteries-skyscrapers. In this review we will focus on the most incredible vertical structures.

1. The world's tallest vertical cemetery

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Vertical cemetery: Memorial Necropole Ecumenica.


Because today on the planet buried the remains of about 100 billion people, it is not surprising that people are looking for new places for the last holiday. The phrase "six feet under" is no longer relevant, place in the cemetery there is simply no. Therefore, high-altitude cemeteries are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The highest of these is the Memorial Necropole Ecumenica in the Brazilian Santos. When Pepe Alstut opened the cemetery in 1983, it represents only a small building, but demand for the elevated grave was so great that the vertical cemetery continued to grow until it became the highest in the world.

Today the building height of 108 meters in height can be found 25,000 individual compartments, graves, several rooms for funerals, tombs, mausoleums, gardens with peacocks and a small waterfall and even a chapel and a snack bar on the roof. Memorial necropolis is one of the most visited attractions in Santos. No less amazing looks and a high-tech graveyard-skyscraper in Tokyo.

2 vertical maze

The world's largest

7 most tall buildings from around the world

The vertical maze in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai has been known for the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), the world's largest airport and the world's largest shopping center, the biggest "underwater tourism destination", and plans to build the tallest twin towers in the world. Now another building in Dubai was awarded the title of "the world's largest vertical labyrinth." The area of ​​this labyrinth of 3947, 22 square meters and it is located on the facade of the 55-storey tower building. It is worth noting that Dubai currently owned more than 100 Guinness World Records.

3. The highest vertical garden in the world

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Vertical garden skyscraper One Central Park.


Highest vertical garden decorate Sydney scenery in the world. This is a residential high-rise building covered with green living. Skyscraper One Central Park boasts its own fleet, which "rises" on his wall to a height of 166 meters. Complex project, designed by Jean Nouvel and Patrick Blanc, reminds everyone that the natural world can thrive in harmony with the urban environment. Unusual vertical garden consists of 250 species of Australian local plants and flowers.

4. Vertical Tower Automotive

7 most tall buildings from around the world

The vertical auto tower "Autostadt".


"Autostadt" company Volkswagen - a kind of amusement park on the car theme. Volkswagen entertainment in Wolfsburg, Germany. Here you can find the museum of cars, driving courses for car factory tour and a 20-storey tower on the automated sale of cars. European buyers VW can personally pick up your car from the tower, and not take advantage of dealership services. Any visitor to the Autostadt can watch as the robotic arm selects the appropriate vehicle in the tower and pulls him down to the entrance. This is the true complement soobruzhenie list of the 12 most unusual in the world of parking.

5. The Venezuelan vertical slums

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Vertical Slum Tower of David in Caracas.


Construction of 45-storey skyscraper Tower of David in Caracas was frozen in 1994, when the collapse of Venezuela's economy. Now unfinished skyscraper is home to hundreds of needy families. People live in this building in the usual stalls and small unfinished apartments with their own hands, separated by a hastily erected brick walls. Also in the house are functioning stores, clothing stores, beauty salons and kindergartens, which have opened themselves residents of Tower of David. Venezuelan squatters were able to create their present self-sufficient community in a separate building.

6. The highest vertical farm in the world

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Vertical Farm AeroFarms.

United States, New Jersey

Urban agricultural company AeroFarms has big plans to turn into a vertical farm, a former metallurgical plant area of ​​6500 square meters, which is located in Newark, NJ - Jersey. The object is projected to cost $ 39 million and will provide fresh herbs and other products of New York and New Jersey. According to the builders, it will be the biggest indoor vertical farm in the world. Vertical farms, as well as other kinds of municipal services, focused on providing fresh food for urban residents.

But they allow you to save on food delivery from rural areas to urban markets, while at the same time offering an alternative to the destruction of wildlife under the new territory for conventional farms. Vertical farms also have the capacity to produce food year-round products and can be more efficient in the use of water and fertilizer.

7. The world's tallest roller coaster

7 most tall buildings from around the world

Rollercoaster in SKYPLEX.

United States, Florida

In 2014, businessmen, father and son David and Joshua Uollok announced plans to build an entertainment complex SKYPLEX $ 300 million in Orlando, Florida. The main highlight of the complex is the attraction "roller coaster" in height 174 meters. The opening is planned for 2018. Trailer with 8 passengers will "fall" into the ground right from the top floor of a skyscraper, and the whole trip takes about four minutes.