3 obsolete myth of family life in which all still believe

• 3 outdated myth of family life in which all still believe in

When a man do not understand something, but to explain it somehow still needed, the person creates a myth. Myth - replacement of information and knowledge of imagination and fantasy. Moreover, the basis of his - own impressions and fragmentary experience.

Lists the major myths of family life that have been debunked long ago, however, most people continue to believe in them.

3 obsolete myth of family life in which all still believe

Myth №1 The main thing - love; everything else - self-will "- is very popular, especially among young people and young couples, a myth.

What could be more beautiful than love? But why break up marriages and families are destroyed by the shortest possible time on the basis of only the feeling of love? Probably, the main thing here is not only the love that sometimes arises like a flash, and just as quickly disappear, but also the ability of mutual loving people, the spouses keep it constantly updating; the ability to see its growth prospects and to create appropriate conditions for love.

If you rely only on love, you can lose the independence first and then love itself. "Selfishness Lovers" (when all around them-for surroundings and everything ceases to exist) can go to the usual expectation of help from family, relatives, friends and loved one. Love does at least have to "serve" itself, creating a family atmosphere of creativity and interest in the development of relationships, their own skills and abilities.

But apparently not everyone love moves to the next stage and to take an active and creative and constructive, creative form. Myth №2 "endure - slyubitsya", or "the main thing - to develop the habit of marriage partner and family life, and love will arise later," - a myth, contrary to the previous one (like most myths to each other).

Myth appeared more as a psychological defense in a marriage of convenience even in ancient times. Patience is a virtue esteemed, and often on it kept the marriage. Modern wife no longer want to "tolerate", but many of them still can not and are not able to keep the family together.

However, marriages by mutual expectation that love will come later, not uncommon in our time. Usually this happens when people feel that they fit together. Expectations are met, if the spouses are reciprocal in their quest, caring, attentive and helpful to each other, ie, to create the most favorable atmosphere for her -.. Love - appearance.

The Myth №3 "Family care detract from favorite activities impede professional growth" - a myth circulated among some unmarried and single people, families unstable and conflict.

But do not interfere with care, and all that hinders the creation of a happy family and interesting, attractive, happy family life. According to all the people that have achieved something significant in life, favorable family relationships are a necessary condition for success.

From the book "Help the young family", 1987, Moscow