By car on the Kola Peninsula

Especially for fans of the northern laconic beauty tells how to get that look, and bring with them from a trip to Russia's Arctic.

Arctic Circle - this is untouched by civilization nature: mountain streams, mountain passes, lakes with crystal-clear water, huge boulders and rocks left behind by ancient glaciers, severe peaks Hibin, polar nights and days, picturesque coast of the White Sea and Barents Sea. The natural beauty of the Kola Peninsula beckons adventure!

By car on the Kola Peninsula

Kandalaksha: the gateway to the Arctic

By car on the Kola Peninsula

The starting point for a trip to the edge of the Polar is Kandalaksha - a port city in the south of the Kola Peninsula and the White Sea. With mountain observation deck Phillips (winter here, by the way, running a ski resort) offers a magnificent view of the Kandalaksha Bay. Mandatory inspection of places here are two: Orthodox church of St. John the Baptist, built in 1526 (the shrine is located in the district of Lower Kandalaksha, which began the city), and a stone labyrinth "Babylon", dating from the II century BC. e, -. a mysterious building, which looks like a row of stones laid in a spiral (located in the Bay area Little Pitkulya). In the city you can also visit the local museums and bring home souvenirs from standard mugs and magnets to copyright works on wood and stone, as well as antiques on the Pomeranian and life of the Soviet era. In addition, Kandalaksha famous curative mud, the coastal and shallow water Palkina lips Kandalaksha Bay.

How to get there: By car to Kandalaksha should go on the highway M18 "Cola". From Moscow to Kandalaksha - 1640 km, in a way - 19 hours from St. Petersburg - 1101 km, in a way - 12 hours. Distance from Kandalaksha to Murmansk - 244 km. Travel time - about three hours.

Kirovsk: heart Hibin

By car on the Kola Peninsula

Kirovsk, Khibiny located in the foothills on the shores of Lake Big Wood, can be visited at any time of the year. In the summer of simply walking around the city, looking at local attractions. For example, to visit the exposition of the local history museum, the Museum of Mining and Geology, dedicated to the history of industrial development and the nature of Kirovsk, capturing the beauty of the mountains on the banks of the picturesque small lakes - Superior, from which beat the underground keys and fountain, as well as to look botanical garden, one of the three in the world, which has a park and protected area (on it collected plants Khibiny mountains).

Winter - visit the "Snow Village", a unique structure, being constructed entirely of snow and ice, and every year a new theme: "Cartoons," "Olympics", "Tales", etc. And of course, in the winter (and until May.. month) Khibiny - a skiing and snowboarding!

Local souvenir shops offer products made of semi-precious materials: jewelry, jewelry boxes and candlesticks of apatite different shades of turquoise shtaffelita and other minerals found only in these places.

How to get there: The scenic road on the highway M-18 rushes to the north and runs along the tundra. From Kandalaksha to Kirovsk - 124 km. Travel time - half an hour. The distance between the apatite and Kirovsky - 16 km. From Kirovsk to Murmansk - 213 km. travel time - two and a half hours.

Monchegorsk "Northern Palmira" Kola Peninsula

By car on the Kola Peninsula

Monchegorsk called "Northern Palmyra" by analogy with Petersburg. The architecture and layout of the city is as slim as the city on the Neva. It is noteworthy that the prototype of the central compositional axis of the city - the avenue of Metallurgists - Nevsky Prospect was chosen. A pristine beauty of the mountains, forests, rivers and lakes of this region makes the catch at the camera over and over again. Panoramic views of admirers and connoisseurs of beautiful mountain awaits Moncha (300 m), which is translated from the Sami means "beautiful." On this mountain the magnificent panorama of the city of Monchegorsk, standing on the shore of Lake Imandra and Lumbolka in the distance visible mountains Khibiny and vast expanses of the northern tundra. Very romantic to be walking on the promenade of Monchegorsk, and on the shores of Lake Imandra - the largest lake of the Kola Peninsula - you can swim and go fishing. Not far from Monchegorsk located famous cloisters. Getting there: The Monchegorsk is located 137 km from Murmansk, travel time - one and a half hours. From Kirovsk - 82 km.

Fame on the Valley of the Cross Mount

By car on the Kola Peninsula

The memorial complex in the Murmansk region is dedicated to the heroes of the Soviet Arctic. It is from this place gets into the body attack "Norway" in July 1941, whose goal was to capture the strategically important city in the north of Russia. One of the most significant historical sites has become the valley of the river Zapadnaya Litsa, where bloody battles were for Murmansk. The enemy managed to stop, but this price has been very high. Today you can see commemorative stele and visit the burial place of heroes - the defenders of the Polar region. Fans of military history can go hiking on the plains. Something which has extended the trenches and fortifications, near which you can find parts of military equipment or weapons of those times. Every year, May 9 Victory Day parade held here, and hundreds of people from across the region and other Russian cities come here to honor the memory of the Soviet soldiers.

How to get there: The most convenient way to visit the Valley of Glory, since its way from Murmansk. It is located on the 74th kilometer of the highway P21 "Murmansk - Pechenga". Travel time - about an hour. Sam Memorial of Military Glory to the right of the road, it is impossible not to notice.

To get to the west coast of the peninsula, especially in the valley, you will need to cross the road bridge across the Kola Bay - the longest in the Arctic Circle, and one of the longest in Russia. This is a 2, 5-kilometer crossing not only connects the two banks of the Kola Bay, but also extremely beautiful in any season, at any time, day or night, and even in all weather conditions. And indeed the road to the valley is very picturesque: endless tundra with many lakes, river Ura-Guba and the village of the same name, famous for its excellent sea fishing.

Murmansk Russian outpost in the Arctic

By car on the Kola Peninsula

Murmansk - the biggest port city in the Arctic Circle, located on the coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea. The main attractions of the city - the famous icebreaker "Lenin" and the northernmost in Russia oceanarium. Visit the first, you will be able to look at the legendary nuclear reactor, which provided a unique vessel patency rate of Arctic ice. In the aquarium you will find a wonderful view with gray seals, ringed seals and Russia's only trained sea hare.

Murmansk is the title of hero-city, as in the distant 1941, there were bloody battles with the Germans for the defense of the city. A touch to the annals of those times, and to honor the memory of soldiers can be at the memorial complex "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic." The main memorial to a soldier figure in a cape, whose height is 35, 5 m. Alyosha Statue inferior to the height of a statue in Volgograd in Russia, "Motherland".

Honor the memory of sailors who died in the nuclear submarine "Kursk", can be at the memorial "The sailors who died in peacetime." In addition to the tower, the lighthouse, the complex includes a fragment of the pilothouse of the nuclear submarine "Kursk", placed here in memory of the tragedy. The topmost staircase leads to the Church of the Savior on the Waters, which is located on top of a hill. A sculpture "Waiting" on the Kola Bay - a symbol of a woman waiting for her sailor, is the mother waiting for her son, his wife - her husband, sister - brother.

Getting there: Way by car from Moscow to Murmansk neblizky have overcome the almost 1,900 kilometers on the road - about 22 hours. From St. Petersburg a little closer - 1340 km, travel - 14 and a half hours. To the border with Norway (Kirkenes city) - 224 km, in a way - for three hours, with Finland (Ivalo) - 293 km, in a way - about four hours. On the way to Murmansk city pass Cola (1565), located on the site of Tuloma River confluence with the river Kola, near the confluence of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea and 15 km from the center of Murmansk. After passing along the Kola bridge, get on the west coast of the peninsula. Here in the surrounding woods and mosses are many northern berries - cloudberry, which is certainly worth a try because of its beneficial properties. Visa holders and fans of shopping should get to Kirkenes - city in Norway, very close to the border with Russia. We advise to give this day.

The village of Teriberka: on the edge of the earth

By car on the Kola Peninsula

The northern lands - is unsurpassed and indescribable beauty of nature, the best painter and sculptor in the universe. The village of Teriberka - recognizable landscapes, if you watched the movie "Leviathan": most of the filming took place here. It is noteworthy that Teriberka - the only place in Russia, which can be reached by car to the coast of the Barents Sea. Despite the abandonment of the village, the place is very popular among tourists. All the matter in the scenic coast, the beauty of which will not be able to transfer any photos. It is a place of mystical power that brings man's inner harmony and peace.

It is also worth to travel by road from Teriberki a little further to the north, in the neighboring village Lodeynoe, more precisely, on the coast next to him. The settlement looks a little better Teriberki and natural views are more interesting. There are several lakes, and more - fascinating red rocks against which the waves beat. If you walk to the very promontory, you can see a beautiful waterfall, and then ... Then only the boundless Arctic Ocean ... and the North Pole. Time stopped here, the soul separates from the body and is lost in a tangible calm that pervaded every corner of the wonders of the region. For those wishing to Teriberke can arrange access to the open sea on a fishing boat from the locals and even scuba dive to the bottom of the Barents Sea. Thrill can take a dip in the ever-cold Arctic Ocean, and bring home a bottle filled with ocean water.

How to get there: From Murmansk have to go on the highway P11 "silver" and go through it about 90 km. Then turn left on the primer toward Teriberki. Another 40 km of dirt road - or to turn to the right in the very Teriberka, either directly to the Lodeynoye. The length of the entire path - 131 km. travel time - two hours.

Middle Peninsula and Fishing: far from civilization

By car on the Kola Peninsula

The trip to the Middle and fish - a very popular tourist route in the Murmansk region. Here and picturesque shore of the ocean and amazing sunsets, and the old bunkers and trenches of WWII, and an exciting off-road driving - all this attracts thrill-seekers. Fishermen Peninsula - the most northern part of European Russia. It stretches for 60 km along the coast of the Barents Sea and the Gulf of Motovsky. The coast is bordered by black shale rock, steeply sloping down to the sea, and the landscape in the hinterland complement the small hills and mountains of limestone and sandstone covered tundra. The most popular places on the peninsula: the northernmost point - cape German and highest - top Ain (299 m). Beautiful scenery await you in many bays and coves of the peninsula (Zubovskaya Bay, Ship, and others). Thanks to the warm currents of the sea is not covered by ice, and in coastal waters inhabited by cod, herring and capelin. So that fishing on the Peninsula brings a lot of fun lovers of a good catch.

Getting there: The starting point for trips to the Fishermen is Murmansk. Car route runs along the federal highway M18 "Cola". All the way to 177 km will take five hours. Move to the settlement Titovka. There is a check point, after which you need to pull off the highway onto a dirt road along the river Titovka. After overcoming the ridge Musta ridge, continue on the path to the Sredni isthmus with fish. Located on a peninsula of the hostilities, so access to it is limited: only allowed Russian citizens with passports, and military could stop the car and check them from you. Also part of the peninsula can be closed without warning on military exercises. Weather Peninsula changeable and rather cold, so it is recommended to stock up on appropriate clothing.