Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

There are many facets of beauty and colors, secrets and mysteries. Beautiful - it means balanced, eye-catching. What are the only animals not found on our planet! Some mind-boggling its dimensions, some amazing habits and way of life, there are those that surprise fantastic color. The beauty of the animal world - special. It must be seen, heard. Natural beauty - the most correct. Some animals fascinate one of its kind. And which ones are the most beautiful? We offer to find out.

The most beautiful animals in the world. Learn the top 10 most beautiful animals in the world:

1. fox or polar fox

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Just look at this pure white and incredibly soft fur. Unfortunately, these lovely chanterelle make fur coats, which are among the most expensive. Generally, the arctic fox is a mammal belonging to the family of canines. Weight polar fox ranges from 3-3, 5 to 9 kilograms.

Body length can reach 50-70 cm, tail length is typically less than 30 centimeters. Males are larger than females. Muzzle polar fox elongated and slightly rounded ears. Fox - a predator. And watch as it hunts, incredibly interesting, because to catch prey, first it is necessary to detect the thickness of the snow, and then catch up and grab.

2. Akhal-Teke horse

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Photo of the elegant horse surprise and amaze. But those who have seen the animal alive, know that it is an incredible sight. In general, the Akhal-Teke - is the most ancient breed of horses, one of the few purebred or mixed with other breeds. Stallion tall, strong, has a broad muscular chest and a high and long withers. The head simultaneously sublime and refined through a combination of a wide and elongated convex forehead and jaw parts.

Especially beautiful Akhal-Teke horse is a rare and noble isabella suit. Shade of ivory literally shimmers in the light. In addition, these animals are very smart and vulnerable, therefore, require special care.

3. The Amur tiger

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

This subspecies is considered endangered and listed in the Red Book. This animal is both majestic, graceful, beautiful, and strikes fear in anyone who sees it. The Amur tiger is larger than their counterparts of other subspecies and has a thick and long hair.

Color in winter is usually orange, black band and belly more often white. If you look at only one leg of the Amur tiger, it may seem that he can kill anyone it. And if such an animal open mouth with sharp teeth terrifying kind, it will become even worse. Yet this kind of tiger is fascinating and impressive.

4. Dolphin

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

If you look into the eyes of a dolphin, it may seem that he understands everything and even try to talk to people. Surprisingly, the animal belongs to the order of cetaceans and is a mammal. Head dolphins small muzzle often pointed, elongated body, rather than the back fin there.

Dolphin is a predator, but feeds on crustaceans, molluscs, small fish. To a man, these animals are always treated kindly, attacks on people - it is a rarity. Dolphins are very intelligent, they are fairly easy to train. In addition, these animals are used to treat a variety of serious diseases, especially in children.

5. The Lynx

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Lynx - one of the species of mammals. There are several subspecies, and charming, and an unusual beauty is different each of them. Externally this animal resembles a very large cat. In lynx muzzle of the same shape, the same legs and tail.

But the size, of course, much more. Thus, adult individual may have a length of from 80 to 120 centimeters and a weight equal to 20-25 kilograms. A distinctive feature of this kind - a brush on the ears. The lynx is a predator, it can survive in almost any environment, as perfectly swims, it moves rocks and climbs trees. It is incredibly beautiful and powerful animal.

6. The Arctic wolf

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

The Arctic wolf is also very handsome and stately. His hair white and gray, elongated snout, paws powerful and wide. This animal inhabits almost the entire territory of the Arctic, as well as in the tundra. The only thing that this avoids the wolf - a vast area covered with ice.

This unique animal is not only very beautiful, but also incredibly hardy and strong. Thus, the polar wolf can not see the sunlight and heat months, weeks staying hungry. In addition, these animals can withstand extremely low temperatures. And as the wolf lives in an area where finding food is not so easy, he can eat almost everything, anything.

7. Polar Bear

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Polar bear - one of the largest predators, mammalian. From the brown bear that differs substantially flat head (especially in the frontal part) and a long neck. The weight of the adult can reach 450 kilograms, while the length in the shoulder - 2, 5 meters. Just imagine the size of this animal! Color white polar bear fur can range from milky to yellowish (so it happens in the summer because of the abundance of sunlight). These animals swim well (they even have a membrane) and are adept and agile hunters. Large claws allow polar bear not only to slide on the ice, but also hold the prey.

8. Snow Leopard or snow leopard

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

The snow leopard is a fairly large carnivorous mammals felines. Snow leopard paws are relatively short, the head is small, the body is long and very flexible, and the tail is so long that it can be compared with a body length.

Snow Leopard has a smoky color, are scattered throughout the body amazing solid or ring spots. Body length without tail is about 120 centimeters, the tail length is m, and the height is equal to 60-70 centimeters. The coat is long, soft, but very dense and thick, which allows to protect animals from adverse environmental conditions.

9. Fox

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

No wonder the animal is a character of many fairy tales and cartoons. The beauty of this cunning animal charms: fluffy tail and long, pointed snout, and a long red fluffy fur, beautiful bright eyes. By the way, refers to the fox canines, so it is not very intelligent relative of dogs.

There are several subspecies of foxes, but each of them is beautiful in its own way. Such an animal rather quickly adapts to even the most adverse conditions, so foxes are found everywhere: in America, Europe, Asia and even in Africa. Chanterelles, by the way, very clever. They have excellent hearing and an excellent memory, but also very observant and vigilant.

10. Black Panther

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

The Panthers also often found in movies and cartoons. This graceful animal can watch endlessly: iridescent black hair, well built body, long legs and bright eyes. Panther - carnivorous mammal of the feline.

These big cats live generally in the forests and jungles. Surprisingly, the panther - it is not a separate species, but the result of several mutations. Thus, the Panther can be termed as the leopard and jaguar. The fact that the body of such animals contained an excess amount of the pigment melanin, which gives a black coat color.