The real story of Pocahontas

Remember the Disney cartoon about a beautiful Pocahontas, who fell in love with the Englishman John Smith, saved him from death, and then the Indians and the English friends? In general, we have bad news for you. The Indians and the British did not become friends, and in the history of exotic princess was much more sombre episodes than in the cartoon. And manual raccoon she had not.

The real story of Pocahontas

It is difficult to say in what year was born a princess Pocahontas, whose real name was Matoaka. Historians call the gap between the 1595 and 1596 year. It was really the daughter of a powerful leader pouhatanov tribe. "Pocahontas" simply means "mischievous child" - probably so gently called her parents.

She looked also quite similar to his Disney's image. Girls of her tribe barely worn clothes and shaved hair on the head, leaving a small strand of hair, which is plaited into a braid. In winter she wore a robe of buckskin - she was from a noble family, so that she could afford such a luxury. We know nothing about his mother Pocahontas - most likely she died during childbirth. Otherwise, the custom would dictate her to leave the tribe, along with her newborn daughter and go to live in another village.

Pocahontas studied all women's work, which she had to perform when she grows up. She knew how to build houses, pulling the skin of the animals on a wooden base, was able to grow food, cook and collect firewood for a bonfire. She also knew how to weave baskets, pots sculpt, carve wood spoons and more. All of this she was able to have thirteen years.

Captain John Smith

The British landed on Indian lands in May 1607 - Pocahontas was then about 11 years old. It was then that she saw the first "white man" Captain John Smith, who captured the brother of Pocahontas. When John Smith was taken to the chief, and had this famous scene.

The real story of Pocahontas

Chief Powhatan ordered to bring and put on the ground, two large stones. These stones are placed head Englishman. When on it has brought a weapon, Pocahontas threw herself forward and covered his head is. Historians for centuries arguing whether this episode was in reality or invented later. Some believe that the life of John Smith and were never in danger. Although hardly ever over your head will wear a hammer, you believe it. The leader not only took pity on a prisoner, but also announced that from that day he is a part of the tribe. When John Smith returned to Jamestown, the leader sent to starving English gifts. They went to Pocahontas as a symbol of reconciliation between the British and the Indians. And a wobbly world really short-lived due to the efforts of Pocahontas.

Leader willing to trade with the British, but as came new settlers, food needed more and more. The British attacked the village of Indians and burned them, taking all the provisions that could find. John Smith and the leader tried several times to agree on the exchange of weapons for corn, but all to no avail. In the end, even the leader of the trap rigged to John Smith to kill him, but that night a brave girl saved his hero. Pocahontas and her father said that John Smith has received a serious wound from the shot and died on the way back to England.

The real story of Pocahontas

The abduction and marriage

In 1610, Pocahontas was 14 years old, and she began to decorate themselves, as befits an adult woman. She was wearing a dress and reindeer skins and skin covered in tattoos. Her hair had grown.

It drew the attention of Indian Kockum, who also appears in the movie, if you remember. They merried. Apparently, by mutual sympathy, because the women of the tribe would choose her groom to taste.

A few years later the British kidnapped Pocahontas. Woman held there for ransom - everyone knew that her father - a representative of the local nobility. Father, with all my heart who loved her daughter, agreed to make any concessions. Apparently, it took time because Pocahontas had time to learn English, get acquainted with the local religion and traditions. Something she already knew the other was for her a novelty. In the settlement, she met a widower John Rolf, and fell in love with him. When she sent the news to his father that she wanted to marry another man, Kockum realized that divorce (from pouhatanov was equivalent) is inevitable.

The real story of Pocahontas

She was only 17 years or so. Soon, Pocahontas converted to Christianity, at baptism it became Rebecca. It was a big step for both sides, everyone believed that it is now between the Indians and the English will be peace.

Unexpected meeting

From time to time John Rolfe and his wife traveled to England on business. They stopped in Brentford, where Pocahontas was waiting for an unexpected meeting. It turned out John Smith did not die and did not forget his savior. He later wrote that she could not cope with the emotions - she did not say a word during their meeting. However, probably, their feelings were of a different character. She reminded him how her father took Smith as his son, John wanted to call "father", but he forbade her. Then she got angry and said that he dared to threaten almost all members of her tribe, but her.

Nobody knows what would have happened between John Smith and Pocahontas on, but Rolf was time to return to Virginia. Along the way, Pocahontas became very ill and died.

The life of its people has never been the same.