"Atomium": the most visited monument in Brussels

A fragment of a crystal lattice of iron, magnified a billion times, attracts tourists from all over the world and much loved by locals, it's not just a monument, a building, inside of which you can visit. 60 years ago, "Atomium" was a symbol of the exhibition "Expo-58", representing the owner of the event - Belgium. Now, it increasingly became known as a symbol of this country. They say that over time the popularity he can even get around the Manneken Pis. It is the most visited monument in Brussels and one of the most unique buildings in the world.

The man of the XX century - the master of physics

Through huge pipes and progressive sphere of engineer André Uoterkeyn I wanted to show a cubic structure of iron magnified 165 billion times. Such scientific name - "Atomium" - building was not accidental. In the postwar years, the project was supposed to symbolize the fact that the future of humanity - for physics and, above all, for the nuclear power industry. The theme of the peaceful atom, a man under authority, then just coming into fashion.

Uoterkeyn prepared a project specially for the World Fair, suggesting that his brainchild will stay here for only six months, and then it was dismantled. The building was built 18 months, which was preceded by a half more years of deep research and accurate calculations, because no one before that did not create anything like it.

The opening of "Atomium" aroused frenzied interest of citizens, and I must say, it does not cease for the past 60 years. Since the beginning of the exhibition character was not designed for such a long operation, in 2004-2006 city services even had to completely refurbish the building, both inside and outside (replacing the aluminum coating on the steel).

Inside the "atoms"

The height of the "Atomium" - 102 meters. The diameter of each of the nine areas of atoms - 18 meters. 250-ton "balls" are connected with each other pipes 20. Inside the "Atomium" is a staircase, four escalators and an elevator, which is built at the time, in 1958, he considered the fastest in Europe. And one of the slopes between the two spheres reminds visitors of an exciting journey in the spirit of "Star Wars" - a similar effect is created including using the original changing lighting.

The most striking impression when visiting the "Atomium" - a journey from one atom to another through the tunnel with the cosmic light. / Photo: plusaunord.com

By the way, the nine "balls" only three tourists can visit. Located in three technical and service areas, and the remaining are for tenants who can take them to any event - for example, noted in a "field" Birthday child.

The domestic tourists visiting the "Atomium", describe their experience in two ways. On the one hand, the inside of the building is nothing particularly interesting for the experienced Russians no: rose, he came down the stairs and around the metal. On the other - "Atomium" and does not claim to be an entertainment center, but it is the original observation deck from which vistas open up to Brussels.

The Europeans perceive a building with a lot more enthusiasm and happy as children, moving from one sphere to another dinner "in the clouds" (restaurant operates in the building) and the many interesting exhibitions held in the "Atomium". Especially admire and take pride in the building of Brussels itself, considering it a national treasure.

By the way, in the "lattice" has its own hotel, designed for children - it is very simple, but the fact that you can spend the night in such an extraordinary building in a round capsule, adds romanticism.

"Atomium" on the coin 2 euro.

Outside - Interesting

The most attractive building from the outside looks. First of all, the impressive sheer size of giant crystal lattice fragment, from which passers simply breathtaking. Therefore it is best to consider it, is not standing at the foot, and at a distance.

In addition, in the daylight scope of atoms is very beautiful shimmer in the sun, and they look spectacular in the dark due to backlight. The building may be photographed from different angles - and all photos will turn out original.