Beautiful erotic movies in history

Notions of eroticism at all different: for some it is nudity and sex, for others - looks and touches. However, speaking of the best erotic movie, people's views converge. In this list you will find the best quality, hot and touching film about passion.

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Love / Love (2015)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 3; IMDb - 6

Director Gaspar Noe - a huge fan of provocation, but at the same time, a true master of his craft. The film "Love" - ​​is not easy, amazing and passionate about the history of the light feeling on earth.

Murphy and Electra - lovers, passionately adore each other. Once they have to leave. Murphy remains with the unloved girl with whom they share a common child. The film tells the story from the end to the beginning and completely drenched soul swept away by the hero. Longing for true love and memories of her hurt, cause touching the senses and raise the question of what is love really is.

The life of Adele / La vie d'Adèle (2013)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7; IMDb - 7, 8

Touching, kind and sexy story of teenage love took Tunisian director Abdelatif Keshish, spot by defeating critics. The main character - Adele, met with the boy, but it often has a dream about a girl with blue hair. One day they meet in real life.

The feature of this film is that it blows from fresh, first love and, accordingly, the first suffering. This film - a burning, mind-boggling and courageous story of strong feelings. Tenderness of the main characters is contagious. Beautiful setting, wonderful actress and magical atmosphere left the audience fascinated for a long time.

Surrogate / The Sessions (2012)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 7 2Cmeloe, soulful and fun movie tells the story of Marco, who is paralyzed. Despite his illness, Mark - a great guy and a talented writer. Once it awakens the need for sex, and he's looking for a way to satisfy it. He comes to the rescue sex-therapist, with whom he poluchetsya build something more than the relationship of the doctor with the patient. The theme of sex is viewed from an unusual angle, probably showing it as a way to experience strong emotions and bright, than to get sexual satisfaction. The main characters show the human need for warmth, affection and understanding. The film tells the story very simple, unobtrusive, without complicated plot lines and twists. The combination of intimacy, simplicity and touching allowed the film won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012.

The Sleeping Beauty / Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 4, 6; IMDb - 5, 3

This film will not leave the impression - it will cause any disgust or charm their uniqueness. The main character - a desperate student who badly needs financial resources. One day she finds ads on a strange job: she must take a drug and lie naked in bed, and then it will come an old man to spend the night with her.

Criticize the tape can be for many reasons, but not because of its appearance. Footage perfectly exposed and reminiscent of the paintings, and the details are given due attention. Tape applied for the Palme d'Or, but it never won.

Everyone finds his main theme in the film: someone sees a sexist attitude to "weaker" sex, someone endless lust. However, the important idea of ​​the film is the human rasschetlivost and need to know the truth. The main character is indifferent to him and is ready to exchange their bodies for money. But no amount of money can not cope with the desire to know what is really going on until she is unconscious.

Room in Rome / Habitación en Roma (2009)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 4; IMDb - 6, 2

"Room in Rome" - a story of homosexual love, which appeared without warning, ignoring all the heroes of the plans. Natasha comes to Rome, and soon her wedding planned. On the last night Natasha meets Alba, between two strangers there is something more than just a passion. Love is indifferent to the plans to life, because he knows better what a person needs. Thus, a chance meeting and sleepless night full of sex and secrets that make the two closest strangers to each other people. Incredible intertwining fates and openness heroines charm, soaking every minute films sentimentality.

Heroine go naked most of the time, which is perceived as symbolism: two strangers demonstrate that they are fully open. The film directed by Julio Medem has created the most intimate atmosphere, seasoned with its great soundtrack. They say it's one of those films that are revised twice.

Lust, Caution / Se, jie (2007)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 4; IMDb - 7 6Cobytiya unfold during the Second World War in Shanghai. An ordinary girl named Wang received a special assignment - to seduce and kill the enemy. Enemy - Mr. Yee, a very influential politician. She is a close friend of his wife, and he's crazy in love with a young beauty. Mr. Yee did not know who she really is and how she came to the mission, and Wong does not know what will turn her special task.

The line between hatred and love is erased. Lust and passion obscure the head, and act according to the plan will not succeed. The main character has to deliver, but at the betrayal of his enemy, she would have to betray his feelings.

The Dreamers / The Dreamers (2003)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 3; IMDb - 7, 2

Bernardo Bertolucci took a movie, for which he will be remembered forever. The tape is full of life, brightness and crazy adventures. Events taking place in Paris 1968, when student demonstrations are everywhere and people expect the revolution. Meanwhile, three students abstracted from the world and live in their own.

Brother, sister and an American student who came to study in France - the three of them share a love for cinema. They have a great time together, sharing the three of love, drama and a lot of fun. Lightness, carefree, drama and of course of sexual relations, protect friends from the outside world. The viewer is invited to have some fun with the students, while outside reigns the spirit of revolution.

Secret Passion / Choses secrètes (2002)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 1; IMDb - 6 1Candrin and Natalie - girlfriend, who has recently been living together. Together they are looking for work, and in the course of affairs they have matured cunning plan: to change the world by means of sexual manipulation. Girls go very far, but it brings them to the circumstances from which they would be happy to escape.

Erotic thriller Jean-Claude Brissot full of riddles, confusion and intrigue. Spectator keep in constant tension, deftly replacing the drama on the stage of passion. In reality, this situation women run, build their evil plans and intrigues. Men rather are obstacles to achieving the goal. However, the final decision is always for those who hold the real power.

Sex and Lucia / Lucía y el sexo (2001)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 1; IMDb - 7, 2

As the title, the film tells two stories: one about Lucia, the other - about sex. Lucia - a strong woman who goes to a remote and quiet place after missing her lover. The narrative begins in the middle, and include flashbacks the viewer with Lucia in mysterious moments of her life.

Incredibly intricate and complex story line makes the puzzle until the very end. Relationship Lucia and her lover - layered story, full of quirks and secrets. Erotic scenes perfectly complement cumbersome plot.

Secretary / Secretary (2001)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7; IMDb - 7

The main character - Lee, she is actively searching for a new job. It is arranged as a secretary in the office of a lawyer. Lee - a little bizarre in his behavior and modest, in contrast to his new boss. They tied exciting, life-changing attitudes Lee.

The film touches on many issues - from the search for the place of women in the world, to the loneliness and heartache. Each spectator is in the tape something of their own, to cling to the soul and leaving impressed. Shy but very naughty relationship lawyer and his new worker touches. It unfolds before us is a real love story, in which instead of pink snot portrayed different, sometimes kinky sex.

Mood for Love / Faa yeung nin wa (2000)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 8; IMDb - 8, 1

Mad love confusion was the basis of the movie: Su and Chow live in the neighborhood, but their spouses are constantly traveling. Once it becomes clear that the husband and wife Su Chou - lovers, to conceal the truth.

The film won many awards, including several awards at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. Directed by Wong Kar-wai knows how to captivate the audience. Gracefulness of the protagonist, no unnecessary parts in the frame and lofty sentiments - a movie, despite its erotic themes, gives the impression of crystal clear and sincere love story. Even intimate scenes shown gently and delicately, without overt eroticism.

Breaking the Waves / Breaking the Waves (1996)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 9; IMDb - 7, 9

As well in the compilation of erotic films do without the work of Lars von Trier? The main character, Beth, is crazy about her husband and asks God how to spend all my life with him. Her requests were heard, and after a severe injury of her husband is incapacitated.

Yang's husband Bess asks her to sleep with another man, then to tell the story of her husband immobility amorous adventures. She does not want to sleep with others, but makes sacrifices for the sake of her husband. Deeply religious, Bess hoped her sacrifice will pay off, and God help the couple to be happy again.

In this extraordinary film, the most unusual way touches upon self-sacrifice. Beth is ready to do anything for her beloved husband, but she is torn between faith in God and their feelings. The film shows what happens to a man when he makes a deal with his soverstyu, even if he does it in the name of love.

Exotica / Exotica (1994)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 7, 1

"Exotic" - a strip club, where every day comes a lonely man. His attention was attracted by the same woman, dressed in a school uniform. For quaint tradition of the main character stands a heavy, dramatic story. The fate of the main characters - Francis, Christina and all those involved in "Exotica", are closely intertwined, and begin to occur risky things. We show the complex, sometimes even unbearable circumstances. Psychological stress does not let up until the director did not make a final verdict character films. Throughout tape predominant feeling that all is doomed. The main character is trying to escape into the past, taking the viewer, but it is - a bad decision.

Piano / The Piano (1992)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 7; IMDb - 7, 6

Jane Campion - one of those directors who show us the world through the eyes of women, and it is impressive because most movies we see from the male perspective. Jane was the first and only female director to win the Palme d'Or.

Gothic novel "Piano" - a love story between a mute woman named Ada and her musical instrument. Ada's new husband does not agree to move the piano into their home, and it is left to the beach. Neighbor Ada, Baines sees as important for a woman of her favorite musical instrument and takes him to her. Now Ada can play the piano, come to visit a neighbor and fulfilling his small request. For the sake of true love, the love of music, Ada is ready for many, sometimes unexpected things for themselves.

The Lover / L'amant (1991)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 6; IMDb - 6, 9

The film by French director Jean-Jacques Annaud tells about the relationship of fifteen French and successful Chinese men. They occur when a charming girl comes with her school on a trip. After the meeting, the pair would never want to leave.

The main character 15 years old, but her arguments seem old enough, sometimes even harsh. All the sex scenes in the film were very sensual, bewitching, it does not leave any trace of vulgarity.

Social norms and parental control - a huge obstacle to relations, but seems to have such strong feelings one can not dispel. Beautiful story of forbidden love reminds us that the most important feeling of no boundaries.

Henry & June / Henry & June (1990)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 6, 5; IMDb - 6 3

In 1986 he was posthumously published diary of writer Anais Nin, in which she wrote about her feelings for other writers of the time - Henry Miller. This story and began to plot for the film.

The movie film shows the life of Anais, which all terribly bored. Routine, routine, boring husband and make a ton of free time character to miss. But here in her life appear spouse Henry and June, which convert a series of ordinary days in an insane erotic adventure.

The main focus is on the study of sex and human sexuality. This emphasizes the particular director of Writers, allowing himself to penetrate deep into the diaries of Anais.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape / Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7, 2

The theme of voyeurism and masturbation, lit in the film, caused quite a stir in 1989. Interesting fact: the director Steven Soderbergh, who at that time was only 29 years old, wrote the screenplay for one week.

In the film, all 5 existing characters. Among them are not interested in Anne sex that makes her husband to find a partner on the side. One day, her husband claimed the long-forgotten friend, Graham, and turns everything upside down. Once Ann learns that Graham - impotent, who gets sexual gratification, when viewing your videos, in which the girls confession about his love life.

This film is for those who are able to be honest with yourself. It is possible to find the necessary tools for self-analysis and the sea of ​​questions that should ask yourself. All people suffer from jealousy, lies, misunderstandings and family problems, and this reel of film can help to sort out in my head.

Last Tango in Paris / Ultimo tango a Parigi (1972)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7, 1 Paris, late 60s. Paul hard going through the death of his wife, but fate sends him a young girl. She's much younger than Paul, an eccentric and a little strange. At first they hide their names and stories, but soon tired of this girl, and she begins to question the man about his life.

It's a classic, but very beautifully presented tale of two suffering souls, whose paths crossed in order to receive salvation. There is no idealized human form, demonstrates the human flaws: meanness, falsehood and callousness. Rough sex and philosophy intertwine in this film, making it feasible is not for every viewer.

Belle de Jour / Belle de jour (1967)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 7 8Ceverina - exemplary wife and a good housekeeper. The balance of her life changes when she decides to engage in prostitution and becomes an employee of the local brothel. The movie shows the double life of a woman, full of intrigue and passion.

In 1967, this motion picture won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and is one of the best erotic dramas to this day. The main theme of the film - the essence of the male and female nature. We show how a woman bored to stay in the same manner "exemplary wife," and that she has sexual needs. Male image shown by the example of lustful, sometimes perverse Severina customers. The essence is - all people yearn for passion and sex.

Lo / Lolita (1962)

Beautiful erotic movies in history

Rating Forums - 7, 1; IMDb - 7, 6

The legendary adaptation of the book by Nabokov, filmed by Stanley Kubrick. The film became a surprising experiment. Even the tagline of the film reads: "As they generally made a film about Lolita?"

By decision of Kubrick's erotic, but at the same time poetic story takes place in England, a small town named Ramsdale. Kubrick cleverly plays with the viewer's senses, causing him a lot of emotions, first with respect to the first, and then to the second main character. The script is known to all: the plot of provoking relationship between two people, who in spite of all social norms have experienced lust for each other.