Superstitions: when you can not look out the window

• Superstitions: when you can not look out the window

Superstitions: when you can not look out the window

Many of the signs are well known among the people: for example, about a black cat or spilled salt. However, there is an old superstition rather taboo associated with the window.

Where did the "window" signs?

To the window in the old relationship was special: they would serve as a boundary between the inner world of the house and the fact that outside. And the outside world could be hostile to humans, it can be a danger, including by supernatural forces. Therefore, to avoid problems, it should comply with certain rules. For example, in some cases, it was not recommended to look out the window at all.

You can not look out the window


In Russia in the old days parents are carefully monitored, so that children do not stare instead of sleeping in the window. According to the signs, looking out the window a man, especially a child with poor more energy can allegedly bring to the house of demons or evil spirits. Then get rid of them home is very difficult: it sends to the owners insomnia and nightmares, to make things out of the house and bring on all sorts of trouble.

Do not look out the window at the full moon

Almost all the peoples of the full moon is associated with the activity of the dark forces: at that time, believed to have come out to hunt vampires and werewolves, conduct their rituals witches and wizards. In order not to run into them, do not get into their power, it is undesirable to approach the full moon to the window, and even better - to close the window on a night thick curtains. By the way, Russia is also believed that lovers stare out the window at the full moon for a few days are deprived of good luck - they supposedly give her the moon.

Do not look out the window at the funeral of the deceased or

Many run to the windows when passing down the street or moving funeral procession are carrying the coffin with the deceased. But our ancestors tried not to do: they believed that such actions can bring upon himself or his relatives Gawker illness or even death.

It is impossible to look at the broken window

Ancient beliefs assert that it is impossible to keep in the house of broken things - they attract misfortune and failure.

Windows is no exception: through the cracks in the glass can infiltrate any alleged evil. Of course, it is desirable if the glass breaks, as soon as possible to replace it. But if there is no possibility, cracked glass curtain to block better and try not to look through it into the street.