10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

Some people find it so hard to remain faithful to your sweetheart for years - or even months. For someone agonizing week and monogamous relationships! Pathological have traitors among celebrities.

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor and politician, 71 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

Divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in May 2011, has become one of the most high-profile partings decades. It is not clear how, but the actor's wife found out about the change only after many years. And this despite the fact that Schwartz's mistress for a long time was a maid of the family! Mildred Baena gave birth to the actor's son Joseph - he is now 20 years old. And he's the same age as the youngest son of Schwarzenegger and Shriver - boys born in 1997, with a difference in a month!

Arnie had never played in a relationship honestly. His love affair with his future wife, too, began with deception. In 1975, Schwarzenegger met at the same time with two girls, making the final choice in favor of Mary. After their marriage in 1986, Arnold has not ceased to change, and communication with the au pair - a drop in the sea. In 1985, preparing for the wedding with Maria Schwartz had an affair with his partner in the film "Red Sonja" Brigitte Nielsen. Arnie does not deny this, but assures journalists that it is office romance has helped him realize how much he loves his bride.

Claire Danes

The actress, 39 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

In 1997, the actress began dating Australian singer Ben Lee. The couple were together until 2003, when it became known about the affair with Claire's partner in the film "Beauty is in English," Billy Crudup. Situation tempers that Crudup friend, actress Mary-Louise Parker, was seven months pregnant (she later bore a son).

Claire and Billy met about three years, until the actress has not gone from her boyfriend to British actor Hugh Dancy. The pair is now married and has a son and is waiting for the birth of her second child. It seems Dancy managed to tame the windy blonde, though ... Maybe Star spy series "Homeland" as the years have learned a great conspiracy?

Charlie Sheen

The actor, 52 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

Drunkenness, tyranny and numerous betrayals actor so got his second wife Denise Richards, she filed for divorce, being in her sixth month of pregnancy. Then the actress was waiting for bus second daughter (she was born in the summer of 2005). Charlie long pined in solitude, and three years later married actress Brooke Mueller. In 2009, at the couple had twin boys, and almost immediately it became known that Sheen constantly unfaithful to his wife with the girls from an escort and porn actresses, often arranging orgies on the conjugal bed. Sometimes the actor went to the apartment, disguised overhead mustache, but the paparazzi still have caught and passed Charlie.

Shin not only denied all the charges, but also came up with an amazing legend. The woman, with whom he frequently visited the house - is the sister of his companion on the program of rehabilitation of alcoholism! Sheen allegedly wanted to conceal his participation in the "12 steps", so the pasted mustache ...

However, in 2015 in Hollywood have spread terrible rumors about the health of bus that he could no longer control. Charlie had to tell about their HIV-positive status, and how he was infected. For many years, Shin arranged orgies involving men and women from the sex industry, which paid $ 30,000 per night - including for silence.

Ozzy Osbourne

Rock musician, 69 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

In 1985, the King of Darkness Jack celebrated the birth of his son in bed with the nanny of his older daughters. About it in his autobiography in 2005, Sharon told his wife of the musician. Betrayal - is not the first and not the last - she called another "unreasonable" behavior of her husband. Neither years of marriage, or three children or own age did not make Ozzy senses. In 2016, Sharon again caught her husband's infidelity. And it was not a drunken affair, for which it has long turned a blind eye, as long novel - a family with a hairdresser Michelle Pugh. Discovering their love correspondence, Sharon Osbourne was furious. Even on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the spouses continue to go to the left - with her own stylist! But if Sharon fumed and raged, then came the finest hour for Michelle. The woman with pleasure discussed with reporters his gentle romance with rocker. However, soon Michel waited for a cold shower. The representative of the musician said that Ozzy for many years can not cope with sexual addiction and relationship with Miss Pugh and many other unnamed women - is the result of the weakness of the artist. Ozzy asked forgiveness of all his mistresses, who took his lust for sympathy, and finally went to psychotherapy.

Kristen Stewart

The actress, 28 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

"I burned my universe and watch how everything is drowning in flame" - describes his betrayal of Kristen Robert Pattinson, for whom going to marry. In 2012, after 4 years of romance with Rob, Kristen twisted affair with married director Rupert Sandresom. Kristen begged for forgiveness, and Robert honestly tried to forget, but it was only enough for a few months. In the spring of 2013 finally dispersed actors (and from Sandresa, incidentally, he has left his wife and children).

Parting with the groom left at the heart of Stuart deep scar ... but not discourage habits change! After actress Pattinson failed to meet other men and women switched on. In 2013, Stewart has moved closer with his assistant Alicia Kargayl, which changed with the French singer Soko two years. Then behind Soko she began to chat with the former again. Kristen went back to Alicia, but not for long - in 2016, the actress went to the singer St. Vincent, and from it - to the British model Stella Maxwell, which found so far. Girls relationships are unstable: the couple was on the verge of falling apart after one day Kristen spotted coming out of the house all the same ... Alicia Kargayl

Ben Affleck

The actor, 46 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

In 2004, Affleck broke up with singer Jennifer Lopez - a few days before the planned wedding - and went to actress Jennifer Garner, with which a year later played the wedding. "Jennifer knocked out of me all the bad things that happened to me before with her novel", - said in an interview with Affleck. And, as it turned out, the evil one. Actor, for example, was unable to overcome the dependence on a casino that can become a cause of family scandals. And Affleck did not learn to be faithful. In April 2015, after learning of her husband's connection with young nurse their three children, Jennifer filed for divorce. After a couple of years, Affleck started a new novel - a TV producer Lindsay Shukus. Initially Garner glad for the former, but then Hollywood birds brought to the tail of her husband started dating Lindsay back in 2013 - and both were hiding from their spouses. But Lindsay broke up with her husband almost immediately, while Ben a secret affair did not become a reason for divorce.

Sienna Miller

The actress, 36 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

In 2004, Sienna Miller announced her engagement to handsome Jude Law a few months after they met. However, the wedding fell - because of the betrayal of the groom with the nanny of his children by his first marriage. Hollywood sympathized cheated Sienna, until it became clear that she is at the same time had an affair with actor Daniel Craig.

Leaving behind and Craig, and Lowe, in 2007, the actress began dating actor Balthazar Getty. His wife at the time was waiting for a fourth child, but Sienna is not confused. After 10 months, the Getty changed his mind and returned to his family, and Sienna ... What do you think? Jude Law forgave beauty and gave her a second chance. The actors were together for another two years until the Sienna did not go to Tom Sturridge, which gave birth to a daughter. Miller and Sturridge broke in the summer of 2015. According to rumors, then the actress was fascinated by Brad Pitt on the set of his film "The Lost City of Z" ...

Jack Nicholson

The actor, 81 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

From 1973 to 1990 Nicholson lived with Anjelica Huston, which is modified by any convenient (and not) possible - from the first day of the novel! The actress recalled that Nicholson canceled their first date, to (as she discovered later) to meet with his former girlfriend. And once at a party Houston was distracted for a few minutes - and on the lap of her man she was sitting singer Joni Mitchell. Each time before washing with a trifle, she shakes out her husband's pockets endless love notes and phone numbers - and still loved it! This painful love story ended when Nicholson announced to his wife that she was pregnant. Not from her, of course, and from the actress Rebecca Broussard. Angelica finished off the news that this is not the first child of her husband, who was born during the time of the novel: in 1981 the Danish model Winnie Hollman gave birth to a daughter Nicholson.

Justin Timberlake

The musician, 37 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

In 2010, Justin became interested in the beauty of Olivia Munn, and she, too, was building his eyes. But their love got actress Jessica Biel, Timberlake which met for three years. Justin lied that they broke up, but after learning about the deception, Olivia has closed access to the body. And Mila Kunis reception "parting" does not load. It's a shame, of course, but Justin was not a problem to find a less than stellar, and more compliant girls. Waitress, dancer, casual acquaintances in nightclubs ... To some of them, Justin told stories about the separation, but someone did not care.

In 2011, Jessica is really gone, and it seems to have sobered Justin. He returned to his beloved with a ring already, and now Justin and Jessica has a son. Keep fingers crossed for it to Timberlake left his adventures in the past. Or are you ready to put on a relapse?

Rita Ora

The singer, 27 years old

10 high-profile changes: who of celebrities is not able to be faithful

Rita, not reproach in an abundance of caution. In 2012, her ex, reality TV star Rob Kardashian, openly admitted that he constantly cheated on him Hur. With at least 20 different guys! For the comfort deceived (20 times!) Kardashian, he was not the only victim of Rita. In 2014, it changed the DJ Calvin Harris with Justin Bieber, what caused the breakup. And after only a month after breaking Rita we have already seen in the arms of Ricky Hilfiger, the heir of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. I wonder who Rita powders brains right at this moment?