As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

Where birthday usually shared, countries in which birthday it is not necessary to dress up, and where it is celebrated twice. "My Planet" - the traditions of different countries.

Netherlands congratulate each

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

The traditional Happy birthday! ( "Happy birthday!") Did not stick in the Netherlands. Instead, here they say: "Gefeliciteerd!", Which means "congratulations!". And everyone: birthday, his parents, spouse, brother or sister, and even distant relatives who have appeared at the festival. In the Netherlands, they consider it unfair to give all the credit hero of the occasion, even if it is his day.

Victoria User comments on the article "Hoera! Ik Ben Jarig "Online Dutch Language Blog:!

"I think it's really weird when people say," Congratulations! "Everyone you see. I was at the birthday of her boyfriend and some of his family members. When I congratulated each time, and wanted to ask, what is my merit. I they did not give birth! "

Argentina: pour the flour and break the eggs of the head

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

Fortunately, this is done only once - the boys at 18 years, girls on the 15th anniversary. On children's birthdays is another tradition - to crush the legs. So what's new shoes in the day is better not to wear. Otherwise, by the evening they become older. Can breathe easy only by those who crossed the "egg-flour" abroad.

Fury User Forum "Russian Argentina":

"In short, after school on the girl poured a bag of flour classmates and smashed her head on two eggs. As I understand it, the tradition. And her son goes to school together, the same as it smeared with flour - all jacket, head, neck ... Birthday with her, and now suffer with washing me. "

Mexico dunk his head in the cake

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

In Mexico, for his birthday, too, it is not necessary to dress up, because, according to local tradition, the birthday boy wants to or not, he has a good chance to get dirty in the cake. At least his face will be immersed in precisely treat. That so wish, it is not clear. But it gives guests a fun, which is not the moms and wives after the celebration. Mexican cakes contain a lot of cream and bring the stain from clothes can be an impossible task.

buzzl0ver user's website Yahoo Answers:

"This tradition is not only in Mexico but in many Spanish countries. My family did it to me once since I hate my birthday! This destroys the holiday! And almost always destroys the cake! I hate that tradition! "

South Korea celebrate twice

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

In Italy, the inhabitants of the country go to the mass holiday, and in South Korea say a massive birthday. More precisely, the Koreans are two of them: his own and the collective, which is celebrated in the Lunar New Year. So the older residents of the country, too, together.

Blog author Maanchi, dedicated to Korean food and culture:

"And when a child is born, according to local traditions, it is already a year. And if soon after his birth comes Lunar New Year, the second immediately executed. Never mind that in fact it may be a few months old! It is noteworthy that Koreans use both of age: for admission to the school - the real, for features such as buy alcohol or cigarettes, - "the moon". Mom always celebrated my birthday in accordance with the two calendars: Korean and Western. So great to have two birthdays a year! It's twice as many gifts and greetings! "

Thailand: make offerings to monks

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

Celebrate birthdays in cafes and restaurants, young people start recently. But their parents the most, what they're doing - going home with relatives.

In any case, soak up the birthday can not be the bed. Most Thais are Buddhists, and the birthday of their starts around 6 am with a trip to the temple and offerings of food and necessities to the monks.

The author of the blog I am Wannee:

"My birthday was last week. I did not go to a restaurant and had a party, but went to the temple with my mother and cousin ... We woke up early and went out of the house around six. The going was about an hour ... It was hard, in the morning, I particularly wanted to sleep and almost fell asleep on the go. But when we came awake instantly. Around the temple there were about 500 monks, and we were afraid that we brought enough food is not for everyone. Well, do not I have one holiday "was that day.

Canada: rub noses oil

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

In some families still remained an interesting tradition: on birthdays ambush and smear their noses oil. Such an unusual way relatives and friends wish that all the turmoil easily slipping off the hero for the day.

Mark Lynn Ferguson, author of the blog The Revivalist: Word from the Appalachian South:

"My birthday was on Friday, and as my mother now lives at a distance of 250 miles from me, she asked for my partner Ryan comply with our family tradition ... In the past, when I got up, my mother hugged me from behind so that I do not I could move, and my nose smeared with oil. As a child, I thought it was fun. Becoming a teenager, worried that it izmazhet me not only the nose. And now I make money, and my family lives far away from me ... On Friday night my mother called and asked if Ryan has done something special. I told her about the dinner and described the greeting card. She grunted, waiting for more. Since I had nothing to add, I changed the subject and began to question her about cats, but she interrupted me. "Wait. That's all? "- she asked. And her tone, I realized that Ryan declared war ... Poor Ryan, he was an American and had not even heard about this tradition. I advised him to change his phone number, so my mom is ready to tear him three skins for my spoiled my birthday. "

Denmark hang flag

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

If, walking on Denmark, you'll see posted from the window of the national flag, you know that today in this House celebrated someone's birthday. However, if that day is not of a public holiday. Danish flag means the triumph of the locals, including birthday. It is not surprising that you can find it in almost any supermarket - for every taste and color.

Anne Clark, Briton living in Copenhagen:

"Not every country can boast of such a love for the national flag, Denmark. Unfortunately, on my birthday, I can not hang a flag on the bus, because I am not a member of the royal family, but especially for this holiday I have is a table with a table top as a flag and stashed away a lot of flags, confetti ".

China: eat noodles

As it is customary to celebrate birthdays in different countries

Food occupies a special place in Chinese culture. We - a cake with candles, signifying the age of the birthday, they - noodles. Divided into parts it can not be - a bad omen. It is important to eat whole, and the more noodles will master hero of the occasion, the longer it will be cloudless and his life.

User Xiaofu Li, site Quora:

"The cake with candles, too, put on the table, but it is rather a tribute to fashion. But noodles - a tradition in which the need for compliance believe everything from small to large. Noodles to eat, not only for my birthday. Long life everyone wants. Perhaps that is why some residents of southern China believe that northerners eat it every day. But I do not love her and I push barely a birthday present to cater to grandparents. And recently, my mother said that we have a family. It turns out that their grandparents, too, can not stand the noodles, but believe that by eating it, will live long. "