Little-known facts about firearms

Little-known facts about firearms

The most interesting thing about firearms.

Today, there is much debate about the weapons. Thousands of people die every year as a result of gunshot wounds, it is not surprising that many are opposed to weapons. Nevertheless, today we will focus not on whether it is good or bad, but the interesting facts related to different models of firearms.

1. History of firearms

Little-known facts about firearms

This is how it all began.

Many people know that the gun has changed dramatically over the centuries, but few people think about how long it exists. Some of the earliest records of the use of firearms date from the XIII and XIV centuries. By 1400 th year there were guns with matchlock. This was an important development, because before that the weapon was very difficult to use. Before the advent of guns with matchlock had to manually bring a burning fuse to the shelf with gunpowder. Matchlock allowed to hold the rifle with both hands during the shooting, which is very positive impact on aiming.

2 weapons owners benefit nature

Little-known facts about firearms

It is hard to believe, but true.

Usually the owners of pistols never been associated with the environment. In fact, they largely contribute to the protection of the environment when they buy weapons and ammunition. For example, in 1937 it was gun owners in the US "contributed" more than $ 4 billion on wildlife conservation. The money went to the rescue of wildlife, conservation of forests, nature reserves and parks. What's the catch. And everything is simple - in the United States on the sale of all weapons and ammunition set a tax of 10-11 percent, which is the preservation of wildlife.

3. Russian and trunks

Little-known facts about firearms

Who would have thought.

Today, it's not a secret that Russian actually took with him into space guns. These pistols, called TP-82, produced between 1986 and 2007 and were intended to ensure that the astronauts could be protected from the bears (in case the lander will fall somewhere in the forest). The Soviet Union also developed autocannon like Gatling - GSh-6-30, intended for installation on aircraft. Unfortunately, the vibration of the gun could result in damage to the aircraft. Three prototypes made an unsuccessful landing due to landing gear jammed, caused by vibration Gsh-6-30.

4. A revolver with chamber

Little-known facts about firearms

There is.

For many years in the guns and pistols have been many changes. In 1938, there was a very interesting innovation in the form of a revolver, combined with a camera (Colt .38 special with a camera attached to it). Whenever the owner pulled the trigger of a revolver, the camera takes a picture. It is not hard to imagine, it took a few eerie potential. The good news is that even if the gun was not loaded, the camera can still take pictures (but no different from the usual images of the camera). But it's really crazy invention.

5. Picasso

Little-known facts about firearms

Even this was.

Pablo Picasso - one of the most famous and controversial artists of the twentieth century. Less well known is what he did in his spare time. Picasso was a revolver, which he usually charged with blanks. If someone asked Picasso that is painted in his paintings, I start talking about his theories on aesthetics or insult the memory of Paul Cezanne, the artist "shot" in this man. Today we know that the gun was loaded with blanks, but at the time people were obviously not funny.

6. Strange laws of

Little-known facts about firearms

Always it's not just the law.

Everyone knows that there are many strange laws around the world. Laws on weapons are no exception. The first law of the country which we consider today, was passed in Arizona. In this state it is legal to carry a gun, but it is forbidden to possess nunchaku. Another strange gun law was passed in Kennesaw, Ga. He says that every head of household in the city should have a gun. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as the inability to use weapons on religious grounds.

7. The greatest weapon of

Little-known facts about firearms

Made in Germany.

Firearms come in all shapes and sizes. There are guns, small enough to fit in your pocket and have guns, so large that they are placed on the battleships. There is also a tool that bears the title "the largest caliber rifle used in the battle in the history of the artillery." It was Schwerer Gustav ( "Heavy Gustav") - a railway cannon, built by the Nazis during World War II. It weighed 1,350 tonnes and move on w / e platform. 807 mm projectile weighing 4, 8 (High Explosive) or 7 tons (betonoboynymi) could hit the target at a distance of 39 kilometers.

8. Keys pistols

Little-known facts about firearms

An unexpected surprise.

In the 1850s, the jailers received a special type of firearms, like the key to the United States. These keys nozzles actually used to lock the camera in prisons, as well as the usual keys. But they had a secret - within the "key" was a barrel with cartridge 1 "in case of emergency." In the end, the issue of such weapons has been terminated because the guards were much more useful and practical weapon.

9. The Presidents and pistols

Little-known facts about firearms

They always find each other.

James Garfield, 20th President of the United States, was killed by a pistol shot. But his killer did something very strange, choosing a firearm to kill the president: he bought a gun, which he thought would look good in a museum. Weapons did eventually turned into a museum. The following story about the president and the weapon is not so sad ending. US President Andrew Jackson was nearly killed by a man who was able to get close to him with two pistols. However, it seems luck was on Jackson's side that day. When his would-be assassin, Richard Lawrence, he pulled the trigger, the gun misfired. Second, he did not have time to pull out of his pocket.

10. Weapons killer zombies

This symbol.

Finally, consider a funny weapon created in 2012. Gun Company Mossberg released a line of firearms, created specifically for killing zombies. Of course, everyone thinks that the zombies are fiction, but you never know what will happen in the future. In fairness, it should be noted that between this weapon and other firearm is almost no difference, except for the special stamp "ZMB". But why change something that works so well.