Proper shampooing Tips scientists

Most people probably ever wondering how often you need to wash your hair, which some fat, and some - on the contrary. Nagging question, I must say.

Proper shampooing Tips scientists

This question is asked so often that when typing the words "how often" in the Google search engine, it pops up on the third line (immediately after the questions of the soul and toilet).

Without shower head skin becomes shiny, dark and oily. Why is this happening, and how often you wash, to keep the oil under control?

Our hair become greasy for the same reason as that person: glands in the skin produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum - a substance that moisturizes the hair and makes them dry up.

The glands that produce sebum (the so-called sebaceous glands) are located near the hair roots in the skin layer called the dermis. Tubules of the sebaceous glands lead to hair follicles. It is in this way sebum enters the surface of the skin, including on the head.

The most important thing is to know about the sebum that each of us produces different amounts of this substance. Many factors, from genetics and hormones that affect the amount of sebum that your body produces at the moment, told the publication BusinessInsider dermatologist company KaiserPermanenteParadiMirmirani. It hormones are responsible for the increase in the amount of sebum at puberty. Many of us suffer is the perfect time for oily hair and acne.

Although the correct answer to the question about how often to wash your hair, different for everyone, no one should do it every day, said Mirmirani.

"Too frequent washing, in fact, can do more harm than good - said the dermatologist and director of the clinic at Boston Medical Center LinnGoldberg. - It is paradoxical, but the people who frequently wash their hair to get rid of fat, desiccate the scalp and the sebaceous glands begin to produce increased amounts of sebum ".

In addition, it should not be washed every day, there is something about what we should remember to correctly identify the right hair washing frequency. Here are the three main factors.

Skin Type

If your skin and hair is normal or dry (not super greasy and super-dry), you may wash them enough once or twice a week, according to experts at Columbia University. If you have an oily scalp, wash it should be more often.

Hair texture

Hair texture is important because it affects how quickly the sebum traverses a path from root to tip. Hard curly hair or slow down the spread of sebum, so if you have just such a hair shampoo to wash them enough times a week, experts from New York. On the other hand, people with thin, straight hair will probably have to wash them twice a week, or even more frequently.

Some holders of curly hair well do without shampoo two to three days, in between washing hair with water and apply conditioner against split ends.

Installation and chemical treatment

There is another thing that should be taken into account - a styling and hair treatment. If your hair is subjected to any treatment or damaged by stacking, it is necessary to wash them less often, says Mirmirani.

However, ultimately, the answer to the question of the frequency of washing each must find out for himself. This is achieved only by repeated experimentation. So do not be afraid - a couple of days worth of shampoo and do not see how you like the results.