"I'm not afraid!". Amazing people from all over the world, who have decided on a photo shoot, no matter what

We all know that in the modeling business women should be not only beautiful, but also meet the standards of a modeling agency. There are well-established criteria, such as, for example, the growth of women and so on. But to date, completely non-standard models can be seen on the pages of glossy magazines. Some of them have some features of the skin, others and did the same, for example, some deformation of the face.

Many people have a very negative view of people simply because they are accustomed to seeing something else. Of course, blame or not, private right of everyone, but we can not accept that show their flaws all over the world - this is a very courageous act. For some, what today we'll talk, may seem solid freak show, but find the strength to understand these people, because they overcame themselves by agreeing to this kind of photo shoot.

Berlanzh Presilus

Berlandzh Presilus - Haitian, which is a very long time was to ensure that the stop shy himself, despite the fact that she worked as a successful model. In Berlandzh congenital disease that is characterized by the presence of nodules on the leg veins, as well as a large birthmark.

At some point, she clearly decided for themselves that will no longer cover her leg long dresses and trousers, and shows itself for what it really is. But, unfortunately, those modeling agencies with which it collaborates, turned away from her, and now she's fighting for her leg to stop defining the attitude of the world to itself.

"Do not be afraid of yourself and your body"

All have long understood that in the fashion world can not keep up at all. To date, modeling agencies are trying to destroy the common stereotype of the "standard" models, which is why online shop Missguided decided to do a photo shoot six completely standard models that have some kind of skin problems.

The young girl not only took part in a photo shoot, but also able to share their stories.

Isabella Fernandez

At seventeen Isabella lit her shirt when she was at home with his family. Because of this, on the right side on the girl's body were the scars from burns. Isabella is proud that does not hesitate to show his body.

Maya Spencer Berkeley

Twenty Maya Spencer Berkeley London suffers from a rare genetic disease called epidermolysis bullosa. "It was hard to accept myself for who I am. Many times I have tried to understand why it happened to me. As time passed, I decided that it makes no sense to worry and suffer on this occasion. To live and enjoy life "- she said.

Joan Dion

John Dion twenty-one years. She is a successful model that albinism.

Beth Bryce

Beth psoriasis, and this was her first experience as a model.

Polly Ellens

She is under contract freelance model. Its feature - it's hard-studded freckled face.

Mariana Mendes

c Marian was born with a large birthmark on his face, but in spite of this feature, the girl was able to love yourself and become not only a model but also a designer.

Model of Tibet, which is very similar to the main character of the film "Avatar"

This is very interesting girl named Tsunayna. She was born in the beautiful Tibet, but has long been resident in the UK, where the model works.

We can not say that her figure entirely meets the requirements of model agencies, but, despite this, Tsunayna successful model that has repeatedly worked with Christian Dior.

Resham Ham

In 2017, twenty-one-year Resham Khan and her brother, unknown doused with acid. In spite of all the operations that survived this young girl, she could not go to the people without makeup.

But after a while, she still decided to show his face without makeup on his page in the "Instagram". Woman began to actively support its subscribers. Resham is very grateful to all those who supported it. She took himself is as it is.