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As shoots SVD

For more than 50 years in service is unsurpassed as an army until the sample Dragunov sniper rifle system, well proven in dozens of conflicts around the world.


After the completion of the Great Patriotic War, there was a question of adopting a new sniper rifle SVT-40 because as a sniper weapon has been found to be unsatisfactory, and Mosin rifle by the time obsolete.

In 1946 Simonov was offered a sniper rifle, developed on the basis of the SCS-45, but the accuracy of firing this weapon was insufficient. The competition was presented to a number of designs created by designers Konstantinov and Dragunov. Rifle Konstantinov was a simple and manufacturable in production, but inferior rifle Dragunov on the accuracy of the battle. After a series of tests it was decided to let him adopting a more expensive, but has a better fighting qualities Dragunov rifle.

By the time of the SVD Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov had considerable experience in creating sports weapons, but the main success of his activities was a long and difficult (SVD being finalized for several years), creating the perfect sniper rifle, which has more than 50 years has been adopted in many countries.


SVD was put into service in 1963. Riflescope can fire a rifle at a maximum distance of up to 1300 meters: mechanical - up to 1200 meters. However, at such a distance firing possible on group goals; in practice usually by snipers firing is conducted with a much shorter distances. Power is supplied from a box magazine 10 rounds. Firing is carried out 7, 62 mm sniper special cartridges, and their in their absence - conventional. Rifle shooting is possible only single shots. Dragunov subsequently attempted to make automatic sniper rifle, but it was found at the time impossible, and further work it was decided to abandon this area to establish a good pattern without increasing the weight of the weapon.

The rifle was completed with bayonet to AKM. SVD has been applied in all military conflicts since the second half of the 60s. One of the biggest episodes application SVD began military action in Chechnya and Dagestan, where during the fighting in the mountains and in the conditions of settlements massive use of sniper weapons, it was noted.

Up to now SVD, despite the very impressive age, remains one of the best sniper rifles army in the world. Of course, there is a special weapon, superior in its combat characteristics of the IRS, but as a mass army of thousands of rifles for competition until the SVD has not.


In 1991, the modernization of the SVD and a new version of the rifle with folding stock was made in Izhevsk. Unlike SVD SIDS has improved gas operated assembly, flame arrestor, and is characterized by a short barrel. Because of the large SVD length it was not always easy in landing troops, and during transport in military equipment. It was necessary to create a more compact version of the weapon, without losing its fighting qualities. This task was carried out by a team headed by AI Nesterova. SIDS butt formed on the right hand side is the receiver. Thus, when the folding stock, there is no need to remove the optical sight. The rifle is equipped with an outdoor and an optical (PSO-1M2) sights.


In 2006, it adopted anti-materiel rifle, developed on the basis of SVD under 9 mm cartridge into service. Weapons designed to defeat the enemy located behind a barrier having protective means (vest), and light equipment.

On the device SVDK rifle is a further development of the Dragunov sniper rifle, but the basic components are designed to use a more powerful cartridge. Part of the rifle barrel is placed in a special housing. Pistol grip and folding metal stock borrowed from a sniper rifle SIDS, but the area of ​​the rubber butt plate markedly increased due to a strong impact when firing. In contrast to the SVD rifle is unable to bayonet fixing. For better stability during firing using a powerful 9mm cartridge rifle equipped with a bipod. Similarly rifle SVD SVDK apart optical (1P70 "Hyperion") and has an open sights.