Unreliable cars known car companies

• Unreliable cars known car companies

Unreliable cars known car companies

Jeep Compass - exactly the car that is not worth it to take. | Photo: laceyelliott.com.

When choosing a new car a great influence on the driver has a "name" brands. For example, some car brands have earned a high status, backed by thousands of satisfied owners. But there are cars on the acquisition of which it is better to refrain. What are the motor companies produce less reliable passenger cars - see later in the review.

1. Fiat

Unreliable cars known car companies

Italian compact crossover Fiat 500X. | Photo: roadandtrack.com.

The Italian company Fiat has never built a machine that could be called perfectly. But one of the latest models has exceeded all worst fears. Judging by the reviews of the set of drivers and Autoexpert, compact crossover Fiat 500X is the worst car in its class.

2. Jeep

Unreliable cars known car companies

The compact crossover Jeep Compass Trailhawk. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

Automotive Jeep brand has long been known as a manufacturer is not the most reliable cars. Of course, in the lineup there are good models, for example, Cherokee. But such cars as the Compass, Grand Cherokee and Renegade (worst brand model) hold the Jeep at the bottom of the rankings.

3. Tesla

Unreliable cars known car companies

Electric Tesla Model X crossover is still very unreliable car. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

Over the past few years, automotive companies Elon Musk is doing better. The flagship Tesla Model S has successfully sold worldwide, including in the secondary market. But here is the success model Model X is much more modest. Crossover electric car is very expensive, but it does not relieve owners from the numerous breakdowns and failure of complex electronics.

4. Lincoln

Unreliable cars known car companies

Despite the high price, the mid-size crossover Lincoln MKX is quite often broken. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

Despite the fact that Lincoln cars have earned a lot of positive reviews from journalists, brand reputation is very much fallen in recent years. A worst line is uniquely Lincoln MKX. This midsize crossover - very unreliable model, whose owners often complain of problems with electronics.

5. Volvo

Unreliable cars known car companies

Mid-size luxury crossover Volvo XC90. | Photo: volvo-xc90.infocar.ua.

The Swedish company Volvo has traditionally been considered a fairly reliable manufacturer of machines, but in recent years its ranking has fallen markedly. A flagship Volvo XC90 crossover and experts at all recognized as one of the worst in the class.

6. Dodge / Ram

Unreliable cars known car companies

The dynamic sports coupe Dodge Challenger. | Photo: caranddriver.com.

In the ranking of reliability Dodge US company has long been tending the rear. For this indicator, four out of five basic models of Dodge, experts estimate as worse than average. And it's still a good result. Compact sedan Dodge Dart, which ceased to produce just a year ago, the constant refusal of almost "drowned" company.

7. Cadillac

Unreliable cars known car companies

A huge American SUV Cadillac Escalade 2018. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

According to research by Consumer Reports, the last year the brand Cadillac cars are much less reliable. Rating producer of prestigious cars fell immediately to the 6 positions and now the Cadillac "is headed" down the list. On average, these machines are 3 times more likely to fail than the true leaders of reliability - Toyota and Lexus. And the worst model of the brand is a huge SUV Cadillac Escalade.