Horror films shot on real events

Amityville Horror

Horror films shot on real events

The story unfolds in 1974, when the wake-up call comes into the police station. The caller reported that the home of the family De Feo, six people were shot dead in their beds.

November 13, 1974 Ronald DeFeo, Jr. actually confessed to the murder of his parents and brothers, explaining that some "voices" told him to commit murder. A year later moved to the residence of another family - George and Kathy Lutz along with their three children. After 28 days, the family left the house, claiming that they are being attacked paranormal forces.

The Exorcist

Horror films shot on real events

The minor daughter of the famous actress starts to behave strangely. Doctors suspect a mental illness, but they can not make an accurate diagnosis. But here is a visiting priest does not agree with the opinion of the doctor - it is certain that the girl possessed by the devil.

It served as the basis for the film story of 12-year-old Robbie Mannheim, also known as Ronald Doe. According to the stories of the priest, the boy was trying to communicate with his dead cousin using Ouija boards. In the end, Robbie was taken to a psychiatric hospital, where among the traditional methods of the priests performed an exorcism on him. Only after 30 sessions priests were satisfied with the results.


Horror films shot on real events

The picture, directed by James Wan, was released in 2013. The film is based on the true story of two researchers of anomalous phenomena, couples Ed and Lorraine Warren. They are investigating a case of "obsessive" Annabelle doll.

The Possession

Horror films shot on real events

In the film the girl is at the fair in a neighboring yard vending trinket - box. The main character is increasingly tied to the new toy, and this affection becomes similar to an obsession. Parents try to unravel the secret of the box, but does not come to them, even to him that an evil spirit living in a box. In 2001, a man named Kevin Mannis bought at the sale rack for wine. He found out that the cabinet was a family heirloom, it told him the former owner of the furniture Havilah. It turns out that he once belonged to a man, survivor of the Holocaust. Having learned that the cabinet is of any value to the family, he offered to sell it and leave for posterity, but Havilah said only: "We do not want him there was." She also told Kevin that the cabinet was in my grandmother's room for sewing and it never opened, because it supposedly dwells Dybbuk - the evil spirit, according to Jewish mythology.


Horror films shot on real events

Form John has found a wonderful gift for his pregnant wife Mia - rare vintage doll in a white wedding dress. But the joy of the gift Mia was short-lived.

The real story of Annabel begins in 1970, when a woman bought a present for his daughter-schoolgirl doll. The girl was delighted with the toy and took it with him to college, but soon she and her roommate felt that the room was something wrong: the doll had lived their lives.

Paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, hand in the matter, concluded that Annabelle signed an evil spirit. Now the doll is in their Occult Museum in Connecticut. Doll sits behind glass, on which is written: "Be careful not to open!"

The Girl Next Door

Horror films shot on real events

The boy David Moran in 1958 became acquainted with their new neighbors Meg and Susan Lolin. The girls moved to his aunt Ruth after the parents' death. But the aunt was a psychopath who not only beat and mocked the girls, but also attracted the torture of his three sons. This is slightly modified version of the story of Sylvia Likens - a girl from Indiana, who was killed in 1965. She and her sister were left in the care of a family friend Gertrude Banichevski for which two more "mouths" were unsupportable burden. Her children and the children of neighbors repeatedly beat Sylvia, tied up, force-fed and subjected to violence of a sexual nature.

Sylvia died, locked in the basement, in the 16 years - from the shock, exhaustion and bleeding in the brain.

Experiment "Obedience"

Horror films shot on real events

In a cheap fast food restaurant bell rings. Unknown vote, representing a police officer, according to the manager places that one of the cashiers robbed client.

Confused woman locks her in the back and is doing everything that tells the Voice. Story really took place in the state of Kentucky, in the well-known network of fast food. Who would have thought that it would be so disgusting?


25 years maniac keeps at bay the entire San Francisco. He fears nothing and communicates with the authorities through reporters.

"Zodiac" - the nickname of the bloody maniac 60s. He watched for the victims in parking lots and other deserted places, disposes of them, and then smugly filled up the police and the media letters.