The strongest of all kinds of pain

• The strongest of all kinds of pain

The strongest of all kinds of pain

The pain is essential to man. She - a kind of alarm system that is activated when external or internal injuries. That pain teaches the child to avoid dangerous places, take care of their body and their health. This complex neurological process can not be separated from our bodies. For adequate perception of pain, there is even a special type of nerve endings: nociceptors do not do anything but the perception and transmission of pain.

Of course, not all pain is perceived by us equally. Is the one that will be easy to endure. But there are some kinds of pain that may well drive a person crazy. Here are the five most intense pain in the world - we sincerely hope that none of you will never face them in reality.

The strongest of all kinds of pain

second degree burns

No, you are wrong: third-degree burns, even affects the skin in great depth, but it is not so painful. Just because a third-degree burns when a person loses a large part of the nerve endings. Second-degree burn - is another matter. You'll get all the chances to feel the pain to end, and then face the consequences. Treatment of wounds, skin grafts and the terrible scars that will last a lifetime.

The strongest of all kinds of pain

Trigeminal neuralgia

Inflammatory pain trigeminal nerve can last up to several hours. Test her claim that feelings about such as if struck by lightning at you. Treatment of disease does not respond at all: you can only alleviate the symptoms and to make sure that did not have any complications.

The strongest of all kinds of pain


Cluster headaches

Every person at least once in their life experienced a headache. But neurological disorders presented us with another type of suffering to go through that will really difficult. The pain is concentrated in one place usually in the eye area. For 6-10 weeks a person experiences multiple attacks. Description sufferers is reduced to one common feature: it seems as if in orbit inserted a red-hot needle. There are confirmed cases of suicide: many people simply can not withstand such loads.

The strongest of all kinds of pain

Testicular Torsion

It would be necessary to put this pain on the top of the podium, but we hesitate. Twisting of the testicles can be a maddening anyone: the seed channel covers the artery, the blood flows to the testicles - and never will do without surgery.


When inflammation of the peritoneal tissue a person experiences severe pain. For the occurrence of peritonitis should thank appendix: with acute pain and you will get several additional bonuses - in the form of high temperature, vomiting and death, if the doctor does not have time to time to intervene.